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Apple Computer INC. and Its Market - Research Paper Example

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This paper presents Apple Inc. which was incorporated as “Apple Computers Inc.” in the year 1977 and is headquartered at Cupertino, California. The company was started by Steve Jobs and SWozniakznaik, two experts in domain of Sales and Engineering respectively.  …
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Apple Computer INC. and Its Market
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Extract of sample "Apple Computer INC. and Its Market"

Download file to see previous pages The company has a strong supply chain mechanism and operates through distribution channels such as online stores, direct sales; value added resellers, telecom operators, wholesalers, retailers etc.
The company is more than $65 billion in terms of revenue and is growing consistently at the rate of 47% every year. The target market for the company has been Enterprise, Government institutions, individuals, Educational institutes, etc. Apple is consistently rated as the world’s most innovative company and the user experience from Apple products has made its’ products one of the most sought after and in vogue. Each Apple product has created its own category and ruled the market as leaders. The unique selling proposition of introducing lifestyle statement which adds value to the customers is one of the major reasons for the success of the company. Each product purchased is a unique experience for the user and the company has taken measures to make the experience truly enticing. The success of Apple Inc. has been attributed to its founder Steve Jobs whose relentless attitude to provide customers with the uniqueness in every Apple product has made it a common name in the world and positioned the company’s products as premium.
Apple Inc. is not bound by a long-term vision statement but the company creates the vision for society and positively affects the global market with its unique and innovative products. The company has created niche for itself and defined categories which have helped Apple’s products occupy the leadership position in the market. The company visualizes innovation and uses technology to simplify life for each and the very Apple users thereby adding value to their lives.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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