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Advertising in Three Muslim Countries: Saudi Arabia, Turkey and United Arab Emirates - Term Paper Example

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The research paper is a comprehensive analysis of the scope of advertising in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates. The essence of this paper is to focus on the cultural differences that seldom interfere in the phases of advertising…
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Advertising in Three Muslim Countries: Saudi Arabia, Turkey and United Arab Emirates
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Extract of sample "Advertising in Three Muslim Countries: Saudi Arabia, Turkey and United Arab Emirates"

Download file to see previous pages The discussion in the whole research paper will be confined to aspects of advertisements in these three countries alone because comparing all the Muslim countries will present a different picture. These three countries have been chosen because these are quite conservative than others among the Muslim countries.
In Muslim countries, the Muslims do not differentiate between the spiritual and material but belief that Islam is a complete way of living. Islam is misunderstood often but it is also contained with a certain managerial task such as the advertising. Before looking at the cross-cultural differences between Muslim countries and the Western countries, the managerial framework of Muslim values and implications of advertising will be presented with the aim that the differences can be shown prominently.
There are several values of Muslim people that affect the mode of advertisement. These values will be explained in this section. The Islamic values are very much affected by the teachings of Qur’an, the Islamic religious book. 
The relationship among people is affected by different issues like the style of communication, justice and diversity appreciation. The Islamic values state that advertisers should make the communications truthfully about the features of products and services. Exaggeration should be ignored because in Islam this is a false communication and ethics of Qur’an do not support this. The diversity prevailing in the Muslim region should be appreciated by the demonstration of advertising. There should be enough justice in the advertisements shown and according to their tradition; the contractual obligations should be sanctioned by God.
The concept of time orientation in advertising implication means the level of acceptance of values and beliefs in consideration to the past and traditional values and also acceptance in the future. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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