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Role of Farmers Markets in the Mainstream Food System - Research Paper Example

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The author examines the role of farmers markets in Ontario in filling the gap existing in the mainstream food system of the region. The author states that the local economy of Ontario has been witnessing an upward trend as more and more urban dwellers come to shop in the farmers' market
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Role of Farmers Markets in the Mainstream Food System
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Extract of sample "Role of Farmers Markets in the Mainstream Food System"

Download file to see previous pages Farmers markets in Ontario nowadays have become one of the hottest shopping spots where consumers drop in to buy fresh vegetables and fruits directly from the farmers. It has been revealed that “In Ontario.... sales at Farmers Markets total almost $600 million, leading to an economic impact of an astounding $1.8 billion” (Farmersmarketsontario). Some other studies have shown that “ 60 to 70 percent of market-goers visit neighboring businesses on their way to and from the market” thereby helping other local businesses also to flourish (Farmersmarketsontario). Some farmers markets have also been contributing their profits to social causes in the form of donations to the local senior centers, libraries, and schools, thereby linking the local economy with social upliftment (Hinsley and Pascoe, 1).
In addition, a review of the materials available regarding the farmers market has indicated that the 100-mile diet concept is promptly fulfilled by this initiative. This concept has a meaning that, you “try eating only from producers within 100 miles of your home” (Winter, 88). This decision is taken in order to contribute to the sustainability of local agriculture and local livelihood as well as to evolve a healthy eating habit in which maximum fresh food is consumed. The farmer's markets have also been lauded as environmentally friendly because, “locally produced food has not traveled hundreds of miles to reach them (the consumers), increasing the fossil fuel emissions that lead to global climate change” (Hinsley and Pascoe, 2).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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