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The Basic Principles Applied in Selling on the Web Used in the Brick and Mortar World - Research Paper Example

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This paper has discussed the importance of design criteria, safety, comfort, and common sense approaches to successfully selling on the Internet. The importance of keeping an eye on the fast-changing nature of the platform is highlighted by briefly touching on some of the newer ways business owners…
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The Basic Principles Applied in Selling on the Web Used in the Brick and Mortar World
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Extract of sample "The Basic Principles Applied in Selling on the Web Used in the Brick and Mortar World"

Download file to see previous pages The art of selling on the web is unsurprisingly not that different from selling in the brick and mortar world. The key components of the strategy to drive sales on the web remain the same as anywhere and they are attracting the customer, providing a good service experience, and to retain customers for repeat business. The only difference perhaps lies in the fact that the Internet provides considerable ease to the customer in finding alternates and to compare offerings. Success as a web-based company requires diligence and flexibility because of the mercurial nature of the technology and the consumer's ability to navigate through what competition offers. Invariably, web-based companies too focused on the design possibilities that come with technology and get entangled in the technology itself rather than follow the three basic principles cited here. This paper outlines some of the ways in which technology can be effective time used to sell without overwhelming the customer with badly designed e-commerce sites. With a large number of sellers on the web, it is essential to convert visitors into buyers. In today’s competition, conversion ratios are not necessarily very large, and it is necessary to have more visitors to ensure that a larger number are converted into buyers of products and services. One of the major ways in which to attract the right customers is to research the target market and design the site accordingly. The designer must build the website with simple understandable content keeping the targeted customer in mind rather than his or her own whims about design ideas. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Basic Principles Applied in Selling on the Web Used in the Brick Research Paper.
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