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The Capital Market Authority - Term Paper Example

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The purpose of this memo, The Capital Market Authority, is to suggest ways to improve the work environment at CMA. The next part of this report contains a brief background of CMA. This is followed by a discussion about the research method chosen and the reason behind the same…
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The Capital Market Authority
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Download file to see previous pages The part of this report contains a brief background of CMA. This is followed by a discussion about the research method chosen and the reason behind the same. This is followed by a discussion on the problems present in the work environment and the impact of those problems. The section succeeding it contains the various solution options available with the HR managers at CMA. It also contains the timeline and the cost-benefit analysis of all the options. The memo ends with the conclusion.
The Capital Market Authority was established by the Capital Market Law, issued by Royal Decree on July 2003. Before the CMA was established, the Saudi Monetary Agency, or Central Bank, was in charge of regulating the securities market. However, the CMA was established to regulate and develop the Saudi Arabian Capital Market by issuing rules and regulations for the implementation of the provisions of the Capital Market Law aimed at creating an appropriate investment environment. A board of five full-time Commissioners is appointed by Royal Order to govern the CMA. The company has three divisions: core division which includes the corporate finance division that is in charge of listing securities on the market; the market supervision division which supervises market transactions; and the legal division which is responsible for issuing new regulations and adjusting old ones. The company has been facing some issues in the HR department which need to be fixed.
For the purpose of this research, the author has chosen to use a combination of primary and secondary research methodologies. The author has used literature review as the secondary research method and interview as the primary research method. While the literature review will give the author a clear understanding of the concept known as employee retention in general, the interview will enable the author to understand the issues specific to CMA. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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