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Marketing and the Law: UKs Civil Court System - Dissertation Example

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In the paper “Marketing and the Law: UK’s Civil Court System” the author discusses Supreme Court of UK. Appeals will be heard by this court on various points of law when there is a difference of interpretation arises. There are two divisions in the Court of Appeal…
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Marketing and the Law: UKs Civil Court System
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Extract of sample "Marketing and the Law: UKs Civil Court System"

Download file to see previous pages Magistrate Courts: Magistrate court deals with the majority of the criminal cases in U.K. For instance, enforcement officers will initiate health and safety cases in magistrate courts and these will be heard by a sole District’s judge or by a bench consisting of 3 lay magistrates. Lay magistrates are selected from the general public who may have very little legal knowledge, whereas a district judge will have an adequate legal qualification. For those who infringe prohibition notice, a magistrate court can levy a maximum fine from £5000 to £20000 as fine or also can pass the order for imprisonment up to six months.
Crown Court:
Verdicts of Magistrate’s court can be appealed to the Crown Court or where it is passed from the Magistrate’s court. Some cases are heard by a Judge alone, whereas the majority of the cases are heard by a judge and jury. For the infringement of enforcement notice, a Crown Court can levy unlimited fines and can impose imprisonment up to two years.
Appeals against the verdicts of Crown’s Court are made to the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division. A leave of appeal can be sought in the Court of Appeal to be heard in the House of Lords. The Court of Appeal will have the most senior judge who is known as the Lord Chief Justice. (Hughes & Ferrertt 2005:5).
Portfolio 2: The General Principle of Law
If two or more individuals enter into a valid agreement which will be acknowledged and enforceable by law is known as a contract. Not all contracts are legally binding. There must be a genuine intention to establish an enforceable lawful relationship that the law will acknowledge. If there is a clear, unambiguous agreement, an exchange of valuable consideration where the parties have the ability to contract and if all the legal needs have been complied with, then it will be recognized as a valid contract. (Fitzgerald & Olivo 2005:1) ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Marketing and the Law: UKs Civil Court System Dissertation)
Marketing and the Law: UKs Civil Court System Dissertation.
“Marketing and the Law: UKs Civil Court System Dissertation”, n.d.
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