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Factors Affecting Customer Buying Decisions in the Internet - Research Proposal Example

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The current research will seek to analyze online customer purchasing decisions in the banking and retail industries. The main goal of the research is to explore and compare the factors that drive or inhibit consumer purchasing decisions in online insurance and retail grocery industries. …
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Factors Affecting Customer Buying Decisions in the Internet
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Extract of sample "Factors Affecting Customer Buying Decisions in the Internet"

Download file to see previous pages Today, when more and more customers choose the Internet for shopping, companies realize the vast distribution potential of the Internet and its solutions. No surprise that both retail and banking companies adopt a new networked vision of the distribution reality and engage in the development and implementation of technologically justified distribution strategies.
What customers are coming closer to the Internet and come to see the online reality as the source of purchasing, distribution, and consumer benefits are difficult to deny. Yusta, Monge and Vega (2005) are correct, when they say that the Internet is changing the purchasing habits of consumers, who no longer view the Internet as a pure information channel but choose to use it as the instrument of taking relevant purchasing decisions. However, the process of adopting the Internet as a distribution channel is characterized by a number of features and factors. To begin with, whether customers adopt the Internet as a form of a distribution channel depends on the level of the perceived trust toward Internet companies and the level of security (Al-Hajri & Tatnall 2008; Polasik & Wisniewski 2009; Yusta, Monge & Vega 2005). Second, the adoption of the Internet distribution channels by consumers is integrally linked to their demographic variables, including age and experience with the Internet as a medium of information exchange (Polasik & Wisniewki 2009). Finally, favorable attitudes toward the Internet are cited among the basic enablers of adopting the Internet as a distribution channel among different groups of customers (Lin & Yu 2006). Lin and Yu (2006) refer to perceived usefulness, anxiety and playfulness, and novelty seeking as the factors that may contribute to the implementation of the Internet as a mean of communication for customers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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