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The Relationship Between the Buyer and Seller of Services - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the organization that has reduced prices compared to a full-service restaurant. In return, Nandos have a competitive advantage over its competitors because customers always look for good quality services and fair prices. This will improve the revenue of the organization…
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The Relationship Between the Buyer and Seller of Services
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Extract of sample "The Relationship Between the Buyer and Seller of Services"

Download file to see previous pages Nandos had been known for unusual and unconventional advertisements, it labours to fulfil a promise of optimum dining experience satisfaction through a satisfying customer’s experiential aspect inside their restaurants. Their labour is not in vain, it is a strategy that will help spread a positive message about the restaurant. Customers who get quality services and their needs well met always speak positively about the restaurant. This will bring about increment of the number of customers hence higher profits. Their vision includes promotion of an internal culture where personnel adhere to the “same values of pride, passion, courage and integrity, spreading the fire and developing a culture unique to Nandos” ( Through this, Nandos is made unique from other restaurants; they will have their own tradition of offering services. As a result, customers are attracted because everyone likes to be associated with uniqueness. Therefore, in Nandos, clients find satisfaction they want. This in itself attracts more clients because they will feel secure within in the premise. The reliability and responsiveness of the staff, good communication and good understanding of the customers bring about trust. The clients will remain loyal to the restaurant because of trust developed earlier because they perceive that their expectation is met in Nandos unlike seeking the same service in another restaurant. According to Reid and Bojanic (2006), for an organization to be successful in marketing its services and goods, they should involve employees in making decisions. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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