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Fast Food Marketing and Business Plan - Coursework Example

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The author of the present coursework "Fast Food Marketing and Business Plan" claims that Boblloyed Fast Foods is a UK based restaurant that is equally shared and owned by two brothers Peter Bob as Managing Director and David Lloyd as General Manager…
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Fast Food Marketing and Business Plan
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Extract of sample "Fast Food Marketing and Business Plan"

Download file to see previous pages UK fast food is the largest fast food market in Europe which is double and triple in size than Germany and French markets respectively. Consumer expenditures have been raised since the start of the 21st century in the UK. The food industry (including fast food) had an estimated gross value added of 73.4 billion in £2007. It had a contribution of 18.8% of national part-time employment and 8.7% of national full-time employment. In terms of catering and hospitality, the burger sector is leading that had revenue of £9.33 billion in 2007. This revenue was 4.2% greater than the previous year and it was 22.2% of the total fast food market. By including the business of coffee shops, the revenue would reach 11.22 billion, greater than 4.4% of the year 2006. The global turndown of 2008 has benefited the UK fast food industry as it has increased its presence by 8% in 2009 as compared to the last year. Similarly, fast food restaurant has also increased by 8.2% in ten major cities of UK within one year. According to Food for Thought review, The Food for Thought review, Domino’s and Eat were the most popular and successful while Burger King was the least successful brand in 2009. Burger King has to close its 11.8% of outlets in ten major cities of the UK which include London, Edinburgh, Manchester and Cardiff. During 2009, the pizza chain of  Domino’s, healthy fast food group Eat and sandwich chain Prêt A Manager have increased their growth by 50%, 36.4% and 29.7% respectively. McDonald’s entered the fast food industry in 1974 and today it is the most dominating organization in the world. According to BHA’s Trends and Statistics 2007, it has more than 1300 outlets in the UK. The company deals about 47 million people daily on it's 31,000 worldwide fast food restaurant chain. KFC is the second largest fast food company operating more than 700 outlets in the UK. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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