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Organization of Marketing for the Wal Mart Chain - Literature review Example

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The paper "Organization of Marketing for the Wal Mart Chain" states that products themselves are sometimes the result of cooperation such as the relationship that was developed between Phillips and Douwe Egberts Coffee in order to create the Senseo coffee machine …
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Organization of Marketing for the Wal Mart Chain
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Extract of sample "Organization of Marketing for the Wal Mart Chain"

Download file to see previous pages A theory has developed which represents the fusion of the intangible with what is tangible in the business of trade that can be termed under the service dominant logic theorem. Lusch and Vargo (2007) proposed this theory as a way to frame the marketing of goods so that the consumer experience is incorporated into the sale of a product so that the two ideas have become one entity. This literature review will attempt to expand upon the ideas of Lusch and Vargo (2007) by exploring the varying concepts that other scholars present as well as developing a case study of Wal-Mart as an example of how this concept is put into practice by a retail outlet.
According to Lusch and Vargo (2007), the retail industry has shifted from a basic tangible output exchange system to a service dominant system in which intangibility, exchange process, and relationships have become the forefront of the retail experience. The concept of service has changed so that service becomes not only how the customer receives the goods, but in the entire presentation of the business to the customer. In creating an understanding of service as being a central part of goods, rather than a separate entity from goods, the product becomes the service that is provided as much as the way in which the product is delivered (4).
Arnould (2007) poses the relationship between service dominant theory and consumer culture theory is such that to study one is to invite the other into the discussion. The rationale for discussing the two theories in conjunction with one another is based on the premise that to discuss the service aspect of consumerism is to embrace the theories of consumerist culture and its sociological importance in regard to consumer behavior (58). Thus, the way in which a product is viewed, if seen through the aspect of service that is proposed by Lusch and Vargo (2007), then it is quite naturally associated with the aspects of behavior that are explored by consumer culture theory. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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