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Impact of Advertising on Consumer Perception of High Street Retailers - Research Paper Example

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The author of this paper claims that as far as the retail industry goes, there have been numerous revolutionary trends in this arena in the past few decades. These trends have helped the retailers expand their markets and reach out to greater audiences. …
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Impact of Advertising on Consumer Perception of High Street Retailers
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Extract of sample "Impact of Advertising on Consumer Perception of High Street Retailers"

Download file to see previous pages In this regard, one of the least analyzed groups of retailers includes high street retailers. In this regard, the statement of this thesis is an investigation into the practice and impact of advertising on consumer perception of high street retailers.
Having emerged in England due to the stores on the High Street, these high street retailers are of the most upmarket kind. They cater to the high class and well-heeled people. Now, these retailers have become a genre in themselves and have moved beyond a certain street in England to mushroom in various parts of the globe. In today’s world, high street retailers are brands upon themselves. Examples include Marks and Spencer’s, Tony Quinn, Live & Breathe, among a variety of others. High street retailers are those retailers who cater to people who can afford a certain class of good and who expect a certain level of quality that will be unmatched in their own circles as far as exclusivity and longevity are concerned. This does not necessarily point to high costs as one can also find low-cost material here. In this regard, it must be noted that one of the most important aspects of high street retailers pertains to the fact that they cater to a particular class of people, yet they are desired by people from various classes of the socio-economic hierarchy. This makes the brand bigger than it already is as it is not accessible to everyone. In this case, the reason for choosing to study the impact of advertising by high street retailers on consumer perception is simple – it is highly challenging to understand why a brand is desirable even without being easily accessible. In this arena, it is imperative to note that there are a variety of sellers in the marketplace. These sellers spring as a result of varied needs from the consumer’s end. High street retailers are one such category of sellers who cater to needs like exclusive and expensive-ware. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Impact of Advertising on Consumer Perception of High Street Retailers Research Paper.
“Impact of Advertising on Consumer Perception of High Street Retailers Research Paper”, n.d.
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The main reason for choosing this topic was, very limited studies have been done on the impact of advertising on high street retailing sector. Another reason is for advertisements a lot of money is invested but does it really increase the sales or it just due to time, name, or even due to brand loyalty the sales are increasing. Moreover every year the rates of advertisements are increasing but at the same time the customer's increases as well. Lastly, these topics are really interesting to do the research on, such as the impact of advertising, consumer perception, and retailing.
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