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How an Understanding of Consumer Attitudes Can Assist Implementation of Marketing Activities - Literature review Example

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This paper "How an Understanding of Consumer Attitudes Can Assist Implementation of Marketing Activities" sheds some light on the understanding of consumer attitudes will be very important in the implementation of marketing or marketing activities…
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How an Understanding of Consumer Attitudes Can Assist Implementation of Marketing Activities
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Extract of sample "How an Understanding of Consumer Attitudes Can Assist Implementation of Marketing Activities"

Download file to see previous pages Hoyer & Macinnis (2009, p. 62) confirmed that indeed consumer behaviour is affected by attitudes. Relatedly, Hoyer & Macinnis asserted, "consumers are less motivated to process information that is highly inconsistent with their prior attitudes" (2009, p. 62). Thus, consumer attitudes likely affect how consumers will respond to ads or exhortation to buy from marketing personnel.

Meanwhile, Lars Perner of the University of Southern California defines consumer attitude as consisting of consumers beliefs, feelings, and behavioural intentions. Perner views the three as interdependent as illustrated by Figure 1.

Regarding belief, Perner says a consumer may have neutral, positive, or negative belief towards something. A neutral belief, for example, is a belief that chocolate is brown, coffee is black, or fresh steaks are reddish and not blackish. Consumers belief will have a bearing on how one must present the product he or she is selling.

On feelings, Perner says that oftentimes, the consumer associate product quality, brand, or features with feelings. According to Perner, feelings are based on beliefs. For instance, oily food can be disgusting and certain symbols such as a swastika are associated with revulsion. Partners own example is that of cut trees: an environmentalist may hate this but can be tolerant of Christmas trees. Hence, in marketing, we must anticipate how our presentation of our product conveys certain feelings to our target market. We must investigate if certain features of our product evoke certain feelings from the customer that can influence the customers' decision to buy or not buy our products.

Finally, on behavioural intentions, Perner says that a consumer buys a product for a particular need. For instance, food may be bought not necessarily because the consumer is hungry but because consuming the product may be associated with prestige. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How an Understanding of Consumer Attitudes Can Assist Implementation O Literature Review.
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