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Market Strategy Planning and Effective Communication - Assignment Example

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This assignment explores the market strategy planning and effective communication as one of the most crucial aspects of a firm entering a new market.  And the author of the paper states that the marketing mix is one of the most credible strategies for the organizations…
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Market Strategy Planning and Effective Communication
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Extract of sample "Market Strategy Planning and Effective Communication"

Download file to see previous pages Based on the paper, emerging markets become vital in the era of globalization and can be defined as the new area with high income and where the demand for the product can be created with relative success. A good marketer always tries to exploit the personal preferences of the persons to influence his behavior as a consumer of goods and services that he wishes to sell. It is important that strategy that is formed needs to be localized to suit the local conditions. The marketing mix ensures and exhibits an understanding of the cross-cultural values and handles issues with sensitivity. It uses various communication platforms to attract customers. Advertising, brand creation, market segmentation etc are used to promote goods and services. Indeed, advertisements are the most prolific example of segmented marketing where the contents of advertisements are decided by the target group. Hence, it has become the most widely used market strategy in organizations across the globe. (257) The fast changing environment of technological innovations has made it imperative for the people at large, to face the challenges of the new age with vigor and imagination. The impact of the computer has been extensive in almost every area of one’s life including professional and personal that has totally redefined the lives of the masses. The direct and indirect use of computer technology in every sphere has made it indispensable. The information technology with its huge scope has revolutionized the concept of distance and time and thereby, given a new meaning to communication. The popularity of the internet has also been one of the most promising instruments of advancing one’s business base and used extensively across the globe. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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