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The Experiment: Research Evaluation of Qualitative Research Approach - Term Paper Example

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The author examines the article "The influence of corporate social responsibility campaigns on public opinion", and states that the study’s design and data achieved made it possible to understand that some form of change occurs in citizens when exposed to multiple CSR campaigns over time…
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The Experiment: Research Evaluation of Qualitative Research Approach
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Extract of sample "The Experiment: Research Evaluation of Qualitative Research Approach"

Download file to see previous pages Because of the complexity of the human condition, this study chose an experimental method which is a qualitative approach to research which is more open to interpretation and subjectivity than a quantitative approach would provide.

This experiment made use of the questionnaire which consisted of changing media information about two well-known companies, Johnson & Johnson and McDonald’s. Public relations information was presented prior to filling out the questionnaire and assigned for completion during Phase 1 of this study, over a five day period in early April. Phase 2 consisted of a similar questionnaire after the public relations media message spotlighted changed to reflect different business activities related to corporate social responsibility. This approach is qualitative as it measures participant responses, which are likely widely varied based on current marketing theory about human behavior complexities, based on perception and social views of corporate reputation. The qualitative approach draws out the meaning from what has been measured or observed using a variety of knowledge from different, yet related domains to assist in the analysis, such as a reference to sociological or psychological texts.

This experiment was designed simply using questionnaires and did not rely on additional researcher capabilities in relation to observation or more subjective research designs. (Though this study could have benefitted from an observational approach). The administration of the research instruments took place in a controlled environment under ideal experimental circumstances. Therefore, the study’s findings would tend to suggest a reliable experimental design if attitude about corporate sponsors, over such a short period of time, really would add value to the corporate agenda in today’s business world which is consumer-driven.

The researchers realized that theme analysis is significant to understand complicated consumer behaviors. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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