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Expectations of Customers of the Hotel Sector - Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Expectations of Customers of the Hotel Sector" discusses that the researcher has made sufficient arrangements to ensure that the research is completed within the given time frame. The researcher will make use of a project management tool to actively manage the various stages of research…
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Expectations of Customers of the Hotel Sector
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Extract of sample "Expectations of Customers of the Hotel Sector"

Download file to see previous pages It is worthy to note that different visitors have different purposes and different expectations. The expectations of a business traveler will be significantly different from a tourist on a personal holiday. This market research attempts to find out the expectations of the various customers from various hotels in terms of services provided. The data collected will be used to form a conclusion that can be used by various hoteliers to improve the services provided by them to meet the customer’s expectations.
The broad purpose of this research is to identify the main expectations of a guest from the customers and rate them in order of their importance. The study will be used to make an overall assessment of the customer satisfaction of the various tourists that have stayed in the hotels. The study will attempt to reach certain conclusions for the various categories of the tourists that had visited a hotel. The data collected will be segregated according to the purpose of visit and analyzed appropriately. The research will analyze the importance of five dimensions of service quality as proposed by Parsuraman (1998). The various expectations that will be analyzed in terms of importance include, but are not limited to are cleanliness, courtesy and friendly nature of the staff, safety, room rates, credibility, access and competence of the staff, and some tangibles like the appearance of the staff etc.
The research does face certain cost limitations. The study, however, does not measure the actual perceptions of the customers about the service quality provided by the hotel. The study is confined to hotels that exist within a reasonable distance from the researcher. The analysis done in the research will be used to give a clear picture of the expectations of the customer from them. The findings from the research can also be used by their marketing team to increase visitors.
Deciding the appropriate method for conducting the research is perhaps the most important step in getting useful results from the research. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Expectations of Customers of the Hotel Sector Research Proposal.
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