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Strategic Opportunities for E-commerce Enabled Supply Chains - Report Example

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The "Strategic Opportunities for E-commerce Enabled Supply Chains " paper is dealing with comprehensive questions. Why scalability is important in building an e-business IT infrastructure? How can Internet-based technologies be used to automate the supply chain?…
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Strategic Opportunities for E-commerce Enabled Supply Chains
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Extract of sample "Strategic Opportunities for E-commerce Enabled Supply Chains"

Download file to see previous pages Scaling the e-business in IT infrastructure is important because it reduces the cost and expenses to interact with the customers and suppliers. It also helps in maintaining and in management of the e-business. 

“As your environment begins to evolve, it is important to recognize the value of horizontally scaling your platforms and applications to support increased loads and service requirements. As the concurrency and complexity of your systems grow, the greater the need becomes to support policy-based routing, application and data caches, as well as load balancing hardware and software.” (Whitepaper; August 2001)

From very starting there was a need for those applications that can be used to communicate easily through another application. There are many communication linkages programs and mechanisms have been developed by the experts that are really helping in the field of e-business. The concepts like shared memory, FIFO (first in first out) are known as Interprocess communication. IPC helps the businesses to define the communication area through which the information would pass to the applications that are using for the linkage. There are many different types of applications are available in the market that has become so popular and used in every e-business today. Such as Remote procedure call, Microsoft COM/DCOM, COBRA, and Sun Java RMI.

“ ..different line of concept pertaining to client/server model and extends the model to meet e-business scalability requirements both horizontally and vertically ….. for a huge class of common problems in enterprise application integration in particular and in e-business integration in general, the concept of this scalable model and its implementation will be found to be powerful, fast with ease of use and maintenance”. (Thang N Nguyen)

The new technologies are replenishing on the internet and filling the gap that was empty in the past. These technologies are really helping the e-businesses to broaden their business and give horizon to them which can help in reducing the possible cost with the help of the internet. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Strategic Opportunities For Ecommerce Enabled Supply Chains Research Paper.
(Strategic Opportunities For Ecommerce Enabled Supply Chains Research Paper)
Strategic Opportunities For Ecommerce Enabled Supply Chains Research Paper.
“Strategic Opportunities For Ecommerce Enabled Supply Chains Research Paper”.
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