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The company is looking forward to collaborating with the renowned royal opera house. The company will be one of its kinds around Princeton University with a hall capacity of one thousand seats in full capacity. In…
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Opera house branding
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Lecturer BRANDING OPERA HOUSE New Jersey Princeton will be home to our opera house company. The company is looking forward to collaborating with the renowned royal opera house. The company will be one of its kinds around Princeton University with a hall capacity of one thousand seats in full capacity. In addition, better-equipped dining halls will be situated around the opera house for students.
The company will be pivotal in the region. It is going to produce the 2020-2021 opera season. These seasons are short and will be easy for the company to produce them faster. This is aimed at attracting people mostly the student population of Princeton University. Opera house aims at enhancing student values through plays, and thus its messages through plays will be mostly student-oriented (Griffin). Opera house aims at bringing the young audience mostly the students. The company will, therefore, be providing features that aim at incorporating such audience. In addition, the opera house will provide the students shows as well as arranging several classes and activities to attract the people and bring them closer to the company.
The main message the company is passing to the audience is unity and self-reliance. The main idea of bringing the people close to the company is for the people to take the opera house as a community business that they are part of it (Galbi). The people should feel that they own the business. The public should feel it is their responsibility to make it progress to new heights and compete with other opera houses that offer the company stiff competition. The company is looking forward to enhancing this mutual relationship with the target audience so that its longevity can be assured.
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Opera House Branding Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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