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Discovering Foreign Culture: Portfolio of Childcare Programming - Assignment Example

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The reporter states that in order to create the best possible choices for a month of activities for a childcare situation, it is necessary to take in the wide variety of stages of development within school-aged children and the wonders of the world that can be explored…
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Discovering Foreign Culture: Portfolio of Childcare Programming
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Extract of sample "Discovering Foreign Culture: Portfolio of Childcare Programming"

Download file to see previous pages Choosing four different nations allowed for the development of a program that could utilize a range of previous knowledge that could be used for the purpose of educating them about culture while providing for crafts, movement, and activities along with a snack calendar that supported the themes. This program assumes no budgetary or resource restriction.
The four nations that were chosen to be represented for the four weeks of thematic activities were France, Japan, Italy and Egypt. This provided for nations that had a more commonly understood set of cultural concepts that could be accessible while still having the sense of ‘otherness’ that would enrich their cultural understandings of the world. One of the first ideas for the project was to develop a snack calendar that represented each of the nations through food choices that were nutritious, representative, but still palatable for school-age children. One risk food per week was provided to show some variety in dining. During this day the alternative of crackers and cheese was offered when children did not want to try the new food. These days are indicated with an asterisk. Day one and day five were the same in order to frame the experience. The following snack schedule supports this concept. Each snack consists of a small portion of carbohydrate, complemented by fruit or protein. This schedule supports a Monday through Friday provision of daycare. Food allergies and preferred diets are supported through carefully planned alternatives. Each day the students would learn something about the food culture of the nation that was being explored during that week as well as an overview of the culture of that nation.
Arts and Crafts Day: This day would consist of a lecture about French Impressionist Art, tailoring the lecture to appeal across age ranges with the end of the discussion presenting the opportunity for the children to wear socks and try their hand at painting.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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