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The chain of hotels is owned by Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide. The history of the Westin chain of hotels dates back to early 1930s when two different hotel owners, Frank Dupar and Severt Thurston met…
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Company History
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Company History Westin Hotels is a of the art chain of 192 hotels and resorts. The chain of hotels is owned byStarwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide. The history of the Westin chain of hotels dates back to early 1930s when two different hotel owners, Frank Dupar and Severt Thurston met out of the blue and decided to form an alliance of their hotels. The two hoteliers partnered with Peter and Adolph Schmidt to form Western Hotels. The chain of hotels experienced rapid growth and was forced to change its name to Western International Hotels to reflect its international status. The company that created the Westin Hotels brand, Starwood Hotels and Resort, is one of the largest hotel companies globally. The company owns and operates residences, spas, resorts, vacation ownership properties, and franchises.
The Westin chain of hotels brand was created by focusing on the upscale clientele and their well-being. The company that owns Westin Hotels created the Westin brand by staying committed to innovation, pacesetting, signature services, customer loyalty, and a lifestyle-focused design. Westin Hotels created the brand name by combining the above attributes with vibrant sales and distribution systems, a dedicated team of professionals, and an unparalleled desire for success. Another way in which the Westin Hotels has become a renowned brand is through working with the right partners in the right places and on the right properties. Through this, Westin Hotels has been able to expand its portfolio by expanding and having presence everywhere that its guests expect it to be.
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