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SPSS project - Assignment Example

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The ratio of male to female respondents was thus 7:3. The figure below shows the representation of study participants by gender.
In terms of age distribution, the…
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SPSS project
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Download file to see previous pages Respondents aged less than 35 years old for both male and female was 28% and 31% respectively.
55.6% of the respondents reported to be married/common law, 32.3% were single and another 12.1% were either separated, widowed or divorced. The female respondents topped the list with the highest percent (39.3%) of separated/widowed/divorced while the male respondents led in the percentage of the married/common law couples. Only 0.2% of the male respondents reported to have been divorced. At the same time, the percent of male and female single respondents was reported to be 34% and 28.5% respectively.
The respondents’ income ranged from below $15,000 to over $65,000 with majority of the respondents (32.6%) being in the income bracket of $55,000-$64,999. Only 5.7% of the respondents interviewed reported to earn below $15,000. In summary, 62.8% of the respondents interviewed said to earn an annual income of $45,000 and above.
The P-value for the Chi-Square test is 0.0000.05 (significance level), leading us to fail rejecting the null hypothesis. The results for this analysis therefore show that there is no association between taking Delta and the marital status of the respondent.
The P-value for the Chi-Square test is 0.000 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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