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This means they have to be developed within a county’s context where the marketing communication point is supposed to be executed. Most companies…
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International Marketing Project 1/1
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International marketing International marketing Topic: International marketing communication Although marketing principles and activities are worldwide, in international marketing, the techniques must be quite unique. This means they have to be developed within a county’s context where the marketing communication point is supposed to be executed. Most companies currently sell their products locally as well as internationally and operate with international companies as either competitors or suppliers, which make their engagement in global issues more significant.
The increasing use of English as an international language and the use of the internet as well as the modernization of regions and countries such as Eastern Europe, China, and India promote International marketing communication growth. Most important, the practices and principles of making communication remain the same while marketing internationally. However, they should be integrated with the numerous and diverse cultural and social factors and a county’s language. Marketers face the difficult of making sure that all band communications are purposefully consistent when delivering messages (Craig & Douglas, 2005).
Currently, I understand that in international markets, organizations cannot initiate and communicate a regular messages regarding a product and present it across all markets if they intent to succeed. They must make sure that their brand advertising and communication campaigns fit the sensitivities and tastes of every culture and is target segment of the market. These companies must respond to the complexities and trends of foreign markets to attain and maintain competitive benefits in various international markets. Canada is a good example in this context, where there exist two key cultural languages and groups as well as many other smaller ones. If businesses identify multiculturalism in this country’s marketing communication tactics and strategies, they will be able to do so in their respective international communication ( Belch, Kerr, & Powell, 2008).
Apart from what I already know about this topic, I expect o learn the effects of cultural backgrounds of marketing communication in different regions of the globe. I also expect to get the ability of describing the methods applied to come up with an international advertising budget and understand the major factors to consider when choosing an appropriate advertising agency. Most importantly, I anticipate to asses dissimilarities in marketing communication laws around the universe, together with the benefits associated with those dissimilar aspects of marketing communication mix internationally.
The topic on Intentional marketing communication is important because it is an up-to-date issue in international marketing which should replace traditional communication models that failed to address the complexities of modern consumer behavior. Mere cause and effect are no longer reliable as a predictive guide for markets or consumers. In this sense therefore, established International communication models, specifically those which display communication as very significant to the consumers to achieve conformity with marketing plans, but are in the same way insufficient (Cateora & Graham, 2005). The topic should be embraced by both practitioners and academics to inform them on the models that acknowledge unpredictability and autonomy of consumers throughout the world. Above all, marketing communications help to define a company’s relationships with clients not just by the type of messages exchanged, but also though the choice of occasion and media to match their customers’ preferences.
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