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Although Ford and General Motors are among the largest automobile companies in the world, their performance, marketing strategies and operations are…
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General Motors vs Ford
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Motor vehicle’s marketing of the Motor vehicle’s marketing There are several similarities between general Motors and Ford in terms of export, international trade and their global presence. Although Ford and General Motors are among the largest automobile companies in the world, their performance, marketing strategies and operations are different.
Both companies have international presence because they have plants in to other countries. In addition, they export their automobile and spare parts to other countries. Their sales have global presence as their vehicles are purchased in different countries. However, their major difference is the volume of sales, their operational strategies and the customer’s perception on their products (General Motors Corporation,1998).
General motors
General motor is an international automaker because of its presence in almost all countries in the world. It has many international plants and joint ventures. With its presence in 157 countries, it can be concluded that it is a global venture. Further, it exports numerous vehicles and spare parts in different countries hence it can be considered as an ardent exporter(Barabba,2004).
Ford is one of the largest automakers in the world with many subsidiaries around the world. Being an international organization, it has many brands of vehicle around the world hence it can be considered as global. Ford exports different types of vehicles and spare parts throughout the world and so it can be termed as an exporter(Batcher,1994).
In conclusion, although both companies have international presence, General motor has more global presence because of its superb financial performance in its international subsidiary unlike Ford that posts excellent performance only in North America.
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Detroit, Mich.?: General Motors Corp Read More
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General Motors Vs Ford Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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