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This was when the Apple Inc. Opened the Pasadena store. The store is one of the oldest Apple Stores in California. Apple Company considers California one of the prospective locations. The Apple Store is located at 54…
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Apple Store
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Apple Store The original Apple Pasadena store s back to the year 2003. This was when the Apple Inc. Opened the Pasadena store. The store is one of the oldest Apple Stores in California. Apple Company considers California one of the prospective locations. The Apple Store is located at 54 W, Colorado at Boulevard in Pasadena, California 91105. This store has gone through a series of expansions. The latest expansion of the store was on February 2012. Residents of Pasadena were looking forward for the new store, and as always, the store did not let them down. The store brought in diversified product and services (Jeffreys 232).
The Pasadena Apple store has a variety of products and services. The store has a variety of products and services that meets all age groups and both male and female customers. The store deals in hardware products like iPod touch, iPhone, Apple Cinema Displays, Apple TV, Mac Pro, Mac Mini and Airport Cards (Carlton 165). They have a variety of Apple accessories like mice and wireless keyboards. They have up to date online services termed as Apple Store online. Customers can configure their phones for fast and efficient services. The store has products like computers, which has faster and larger hard drives than any other computer store. The store has simplified inventory that provide instant availability of information on the products and services (Jeffreys 254).
The store provides its customers with Apple software that include IWork and ILife applications bundles, Mac OS X, Shake, DVD Pro Studio and miscellaneous software titles. The store has games, quality printers, memory upgrade software, scanners and digital cameras. The store has up to date brands like Mac OS X and Mac Book. Apple Inc has designed this store to suit customer’s needs (Jeffreys 252). The store provides Mac Book brands that meet the customers’ requirements. The store is in line with the California’s regulatory authority. The store has product licenses that are verified by the local authority and the Apple Inc to provide efficient services to their customers (Terry 4B).
The retail shop has evolved from just being a computer company to a true consumer brand. The company initially had Mac Book computer line, however, after the expansion; the retail shop added the Iphone and IPod (Lewis 121). This has made the retail shop be ranked one of the best in California. The overall interest of the quantity and product assortment of the retail has improved over the years. The retail shop is producing a variety of products meeting their customer’s needs. This is evident by the huge number of customers from every corner of the world. African, Asians, and Americans flood the shop (Lewis 121). It is regular to see different customers being served by the large number of employees in the Apple shop. The retail shop stocks variety of hardware and software products that meet the customer’s demands.
The retail is an electronic powerhouse. The retail shop has Apple computers coming in various sizes and colors. The color of the computers varies from, black, grey and white. They also come in different sizes (Terry 4B). There are mini computers, laptops, Mac Book desktops, monitors and palm tops. These computers vary in size to suit different customers and their needs. Different customers may need the computers for various reasons. From office uses, business, education sector or entertainment. The retail shop provides for all these customer’s needs.
Pasadena is strategically located to attract customers and convenient for business. The retail shop offers a variety of merchandise sizes in the classification areas (Carlton 165). The size of the merchandise ranges from large to small depending on the given merchandise. Some computers are small, the palm tops and iPods, while the computer monitors are bigger than the laptops. These varieties of sizes meet the needs of their customers and promote marketing of the products (Terry 4B).
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