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The essay "The Most Important Factor Dictating Sports Marketing" states that there are many factors that affect sports marketing. But the most significant of all is the target market segment. Today’s sports marketers have embarked on thorough market researches so as to have in-depth knowledge…
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The Most Important Factor Dictating Sports Marketing
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But they have realized that failure to take into consideration their needs, tastes and preferences, along with their attitudes and beliefs towards the products and services is counterproductive to the marketing gains made. Thus the sports organizations are today investing in efforts to acquire information regarding their target market segments (Chelladurai, 2006).
Knowing the behaviors, attitudes, tastes, and preferences of the target audiences are alone enough for firms to determine the sports marketing match. To do this, marketing research is needed. Marketing research helps an organization to have an idea of the hearts and thoughts of the sports fanatics. In the process, they acquire knowledge of who the fans are, whether they are excited or satisfied, what should be sponsored, and the various ways in which the sports sponsorship will influence customers (Chelladurai, 2006).
The twenty-first century witnessed major changes in the demographic characteristics of the target audience. A case in point was women’s growing interest in sports. As fanatics in the sports industry transform, marketers ought to be continuously informed of their changing demographic characteristics as well as their interests. They must also assess the impacts that their sports sponsorship programs have on consumer behavior (Chelladurai, 2006). Finally, as marketers look into other factors dictating sports marketing, they need to understand that fan satisfaction, growth rate and loyalty are all significant considerations in marketing decisions. Read More
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