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The purpose of this study "Product Marketing, Promotion, and Distribution" is to describe the end-to-end process of product marketing with a reference to the case of ApplPoly Products. Additionally, the writer of the study will briefly touch the topic of quality and pricing…
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Product Marketing, Promotion, and Distribution
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Download file to see previous pages The target market of the new dome will be interested in saving the money and the time associated in the construction of the dome. This will be the main differentiating point for the new foamed dome introduced by Preston. The company will try to attract large builders and architects who are currently involved in the business of building and construction. This strategy of targeting the architects and builders will allow the company to promote the new product in an effective and efficient manner.
Abby Preston who is working as a Chemist in ApplPoly Products’ resins laboratory, came up with new product ‘foamed dome’. In this product, the foamed polystyrene is utilized in order to build dome-shaped roofs and other building structure. The procedure being used in order to construct the foamed dome is as follow: A specially designed machine has been used in the manufacturing of a foamed dome because of which, the dome-shaped is formed by bending, placing and bonding pieces of plastic foam collectively. The head of the machine is mounted on a boom at the time of forming a dome and at this point of time, the machine swings around a pivot very much similar to the hands of a clock, laying and bonding layer upon layer of foam board in a rising spherical form.
There are several benefits of the new foamed dome concept over the simple domes and structures constructed through the cement-based materials. One main advantage is regarding the cost and time associated with the construction of the foamed dome and structure. The foam boards allow the architect to save time involved in the process of construction. On the other hand, there is more time involved in the construction of the dome and structure through the cement.
The polystyrene foamed board is one of the effective insulators and have outstanding and enduring insulating features.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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