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From the paper 'Marketing Transportation" it is clear that logistics performance guide is an index to measure a country performance using six logical aspects. It was started as a way of recognizing the significance of logistics in international trade. …
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Marketing Transportation
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Question 1
Many s bans the importation of various shipments that can endanger the security of a country. Alternatively, countries come together to pressurize a country that is a lively supplier of pieces of equipment that can be used to come up with nuclear weaponry. Other countries restrict the flow of money because the economy of a country suffers the imports exceeds the exports for a period of time.
A moderately general political restraint on trade includes involves tariffs that state put in place on import of different products.  Another faction of political boundaries can be grouped as non-levy barriers, which means limitations apart from tariffs that are imposed on imported produce. A different political limit includes embargoes, or the ban of goods amid specific countries.
Question 2
Government plays an imperative role in restriction of cross border trade so as to promote their own goods. The government can involve itself with constructing marketable vessels and engaging in trade-related activities so as to promote their own commercial fleet. The regime also supports their individual carriers through the implementation of cargo preference regulations. This needs the approval of the government to enable the careers to move freely in their countries. In the past, various global airlines were governmentally owned with the state dictating their operations. The past 25 years have seen some government-sponsored carriers being privatized. British Airways was owned by the government in the 1980s (Czinkota, Ilkka and Marta).
Question 3
Performance index helps in the simplicity of arrangement of competitively priced shipments, proficiency and value of logistics. This includes transportation operators and custom agencies. The performance index encourages the ability of the customs body in tracking and tracing goods. Ships are more efficient in that they are expected to follow a strict timetable and schedule so as to reach a predictable destination on time. Read More
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Marketing Transportation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 2.
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