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The author of this assignment "Planning Project of PepsiCo in the United Kingdom" touches upon the soft drink industry of the UK. It is mentioned that the industry has manifested sustained growth since the first time carbonated soft drinks emerged in the market. …
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Planning Project of PepsiCo in the United Kingdom
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Extract of sample "Planning Project of PepsiCo in the United Kingdom"

Download file to see previous pages To achieve this purpose, the chosen company is PepsiCo. Inc. which manufactures and markets diverse brands.
The origin of Pepsi Cola was traced from the talent of Caleb Bradham, a New Bern, North Carolina pharmacist more than 120 years ago. Together with Coca-Cola, these two soft drinks manufacturer has revolutionized the beverage industry through their concoction of carbonated soft drinks (CDS), defined by Canadean (2010) as beverages that include sweetened, non-alcoholic drinks containing carbon dioxide (par. 1). The British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA) (2010) more comprehensively defined carbonates as “ready to drink including draught dispense; home dispense; regular including sparkling juice; low calorie and zero calorie; cola; lemon including lemonade; lemon-lime; mixers including tonic and bitter drinks; orange; shandy; others including other carbonated fruit flavours, energy drinks, sparkling flavoured water, health drinks and herbal drinks” (British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA) 2010, 9). In the UK, PepsiCo. started operations in 1953 and the Pepsi Max brand was first marketed in 1993 (PepsiCo UK & Ireland 2011).
believe we should be known not just for the financial results we generate but also for the imprint we leave on society as a whole” (PepsiCo UK & Ireland 2011). To achieve this purpose, the organization designed and implemented strategies that focus on healthier products, protecting the environment, and providing holistic support for personal and professional growth for their people. As such, PepsiCo UK aims to transform their core business into providing products with potential health benefits and ensure that they would be catalysts of change in UK’s food and beverage industry (PepsiCo UK & Ireland 2011).
Accordingly, the future thrusts of the organization are to lead in the promotion of healthy products by producing and delivering balanced amounts of fruit, vegetables, wholegrain, fiber, and other positive nutrients and food groups (PepsiCo UK & Ireland 2011). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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