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I strongly believe that one’s parents stand to be the most readily and easily accessible role models and a person can learn a lot from the qualities and traits inherent in the personality of one’s parents, which made them a success. Being a student of marketing, it is my…
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Ted Talk Reflection Report
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Ted Talk Reflection Report Saeheon Oh Major: Marketing Ted Topic: Social Media, My Father, and Will Edwards 7 Keys to Success Story of your search for a topic, why you chose it and how your topic relates to your major:
I strongly believe that one’s parents stand to be the most readily and easily accessible role models and a person can learn a lot from the qualities and traits inherent in the personality of one’s parents, which made them a success. Being a student of marketing, it is my conviction that a theoretical approach towards human qualities and abilities helps a lot in putting the things and situations in context. So I decided to try to grasp my father’s success story in the context of a theory that is more universal and in tandem with the latest that is happening in the world of social media.
Story of your research process and visual selection:
I must say that the research process turned out to be quiet easy for me in the sense that I had to write about my father’s professional success and how he used the social media, which was in a very nascent stage in his times, to promote and expand his business. Yet, I was required to maintain a measure of detachment while culling out the traits that highlighted my father’s professional success, and to seek a theory of success that imbibed those characteristics and traits. I used a colorful and simple visual selection to make my paper more interesting, thought provoking and self explanatory.
Why do you think your Ted Talk lives up to the Ted Mission to, “to make the world a smarter, better place”:
The objective of my essay is to bring to fore the essential human qualities, which when combined with the technical possibilities, give way to success and fulfillment. The management gurus and motivational speakers do not happen to be the only custodians of timeless qualities and abilities that promote human happiness. Families and communities also have been the traditional sources of ethics and excellence, which if approached and analyzed in a theoretical framework, can work wonders for the world.
The Action Plan from the Doc Spec made the things for me less unwieldy, structured and organized. I must say that I don’t have much experience with essay writing in English. So the Doc Spec facilitated a manageable framework within which I was able to research and brainstorm the topic selected by me. To put it simply, it considerably curtailed the wastage of time, efforts and resources. It allowed me to construct and then build on the topic in a systematic and methodical manner
Comments on how Peer Coaching and Kalo Coaching and the Style book helped you improve content, organization, use of sources and writing style:
Going through the papers drafted by others allowed me a clear and concise perspective as to what I was expected to do and how I should go about doing it. I more than often focused on the format and style of others to shape and organize my work. It also extended to me a fair idea as to what sources I need to research and how to access those sources. Besides it also helped me to understand as to how to improvise and innovate to develop my own unique writing style.
Reflection on meeting AWD Goals as listed in the syllabus
The AWD Goals listed in the syllabus helped me stay prompt, punctual and organized. They made it much easier for me to approach my work in a time bound and systematic manner. They also helped me avoid unnecessary stress and mismanagement. Read More
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