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Sustainability in Global Context - Research Paper Example

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The research paper "Sustainability in Global Context" analyzes the nature of the market in order to determine the opportunities and the possible threats that the company may face as it strives to stay consequential and maintains its market share for the next fifty years…
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Sustainability in Global Context
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Extract of sample "Sustainability in Global Context"

Download file to see previous pages Marketing refers to a management role concerned with the determination and satisfaction of the customer demands. Any company must have an effective marketing department in order to either maintain or increase its market shares. By either increasing or maintaining an appropriate market share, the company maintains its profitability thus sustains its continued operations. Profitability and longevity of the business are two fundamental features of a business that must influence the operational decisions that managers make. Sustainability in business refers to the ability of a business to maintain operations over a period. By maintaining operations, the business must maintain a specific level of profitability in order to sustain its operations within the period (Kotler & Fox, 2002).
In making operational decisions, managers must therefore consider the strengths and weaknesses of the business. VESTAS, a wind turbine manufacturer seeks to last for more than fifty years a time within which the company seeks to maintain an appropriate level of profitability in order to afford its operational requirements. VESTAS is a new company but seeks to last for more than the next fifty years. The company requires radical yet harmonized production. The production process must tally with the recommendations from the marketing department. This implies that the marketing department is among the most fundamental management departments in the organizations. The department should carry out effective market researches and ensure that every of its decision originates from the prevailing market features. As a manager, the first and the most appropriate action to take is to develop an effective marketing department in the company. This will require the allocation of sufficient financial resources and the employment of the best brains in the industry. The marketing department determines the profitability of the company. The department controls all the operations of the company and influences the relationship between the company and its specific market. An effective marketing department will therefore sustain the profitability objective of the company thus fostering both the growth and longevity for the next fifty years. An efficient marketing department will determine the most cost effective means of productions in the company. The department remains proactive and carries out effective market research in order to determine a sustainable production process. The marketing department is a fundamental aspect of the management that if handled effectively will safeguard the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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