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Bubble Gum Hair Remover Marketing Plan Name Professor Course Date This paper is going to deal with Angels Bubble Gum Hair Remover Company. The company’s overview will be analyzed and its marketing research the company undertakes. The paper will also bring out the mission, market and financial objectives, marketing mix, marketing strategies and target markets…
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Bubble Gum Hair Remover
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"Bubble Gum Hair Remover"

There is a need to identify and understand the target market of the company with the aim of knowing ways of approaching. Clear understanding of target market and entry strategies are significant making strategies on utilization of opportunities and how to handle its challenges. Marketing strategy provides avenues for international strategy, which brings alliances with similar companies in other countries. Through it, Angels Co. Ltd will have an opportunity to sell its products globally. Strategic cooperation with leading industry players is significant in establishing business operations overseas. It should thus participate in strategic partnership with likeminded firms with an intention of facilitating its advancement in technology and productivity to the best globally. 3.1 Mission Angels Co. Ltd aims to be the leading bubble gum hair remover provider both locally and internationally. The company seeks to develop effective methods and various removers, which can be used for various purposes and in an integrated manner. 3.2 Market Objectives The objectives of Angels Co. Ltd are varied from the organizational roles to increasing market share of the business globally. During the first year, its objective was to aim at having 25% of the market share and making sales up to 200, 000 units. The objective of the second year was to aim 10% of the market share. The significant objective of any company is towards the establishment of a well-regarded brand name, having a direct link to a meaningful market positioning (Kumar, 2005). Adjustment of marketing efforts results from creation of unique brand image, measurement of awareness and responsiveness of the target market, which is of significance in the realization of success in the company. The company also aims at availing the product to all retailers across the US this are made possible by distributing a million samples in all parts. The company will achieve these objectives with the help of qualified and experienced sales persons. 3.3 Financial Objectives Angels Company Limited seeks to be successful in its business operation and hence need to have clear financial objectives. The company aims at making profits by remaining with some money after deductions. The financial decision determines the growth rate the company desire to achieve. A steady, dynamic and gradual rate has been the drive of the company towards its achievement. The company aims at the realization of Net profit margin; this is significant since it provides a comparison of company’s current performance and how it performed in the future. It should be able to expand using the profits; this will enable the company to grow without straining its resources. Financial stability of the company will lead to the customer and employee satisfaction, which are indicators of success in any business. 3.4 Target Market The company identifies parts of New York, Alabama and parts of New Mexico as its key target market for its products since most of its competitors have not identified. In the identification of Angel’s target market, the company has put in place segmentation strategies. Segmentation identification: Bubble gum hair remover to be incorporated with the medical sector and fashion and design sector. Segment needs: The product will meet social needs (social perception) and health needs (removal of dirt a solution to eliminating Read More
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