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Promotional techniques - Coursework Example

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Promotional Communication Techniques Introduction: Founded in 1962, MAC Birmingham is an over half-a-century old art centre and tourist attraction that caters to consumers of all ages, gender and backgrounds, and a “national leader in developing work with children, families and young people” (About MAC 2013)…
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Promotional techniques
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Download file to see previous pages Section-A: Advertising and Design: 1. Target Market Profile: The products of MAC target a wide range of consumers that encompasses people of all age groups, cultural and economic backgrounds and gender. However, they accord significance to working with children and families. Therefore, their target market is quite wide and diversified and they will have to incorporate variety in their products and well as promotional techniques. On the other hand, due to their emphasis on children, youngsters and families, their strategies will also have to be devised to appeal to this segment of audience. Thus, while designing product promotion strategies and visual ad materials, they have to make sure that these things appeal to the whole range of their target market. 2. Product Differentiation: In the case of MAC, product differentiation is a key component for them to gain access to a wide variety of consumers whose spatial recognition, aesthetical perceptions and expectation of quality vary drastically. Spatial recognition plays a major role in the case of art and evidence suggests that spatial differentiation leads to “greater product differentiation” (Datta & Sudhir 2012: 2). So far it relates to products such as arts and arts classes, the expectations of MAC’s audience vary drastically. ...
Ads of this nature are highly effective not only in informing and educating the consumers but also to “manipulate and persuade” them (637). Taking into consideration the target audience of MAC, which encompasses people of all ages and backgrounds, above line ad can be an effective means to introduce and strengthen their brand as well as to create “favourite images” constantly in the minds of the consumers (637). As can be discerned from the Target Market Character Profile Assessment (CPA) sheet, a major portion of the consumers for MAC falls in category that views visual media at a higher rate. Thus, the most appropriate option for promoting their products is through television advertisement. This will enable them to access a large segment of the audience such as children and youngsters who are their main focus as well as adults including elders. The rate of consumption of TV of all categories of the target audience is quite high and hence TV ads will enable the company to make their product to reach to almost hundred percent of the population. On the other hand, it is relevant that though it is primarily locality based, MAC belongs to the category of a tourist attraction and therefore their products have relevance to audience at national and international levels. Thus, ad campaigns through national television networks will enable the company to access an audience from the domestic market as well as those who come to England for business or tourism purposes. Another major above the line ad platform for this company could be the print media such as news papers and magazines. Ads in this media will enable them to access a major portion of the audience such as elder people, adults as well as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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