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How Bespoke In The Face Of Challenges Find A New Way To Work - Essay Example

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The article "How Bespoke In The Face Of Challenges Find A New Way To Work" explores the conflict that is between bespoke tailoring and the internet marketing in the UK. It does this in order to analyze the place for the traditional technique in fashion design. …
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How Bespoke In The Face Of Challenges Find A New Way To Work
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Extract of sample "How Bespoke In The Face Of Challenges Find A New Way To Work"

Download file to see previous pages Considering the attention and time invested to detail while creating a bespoke suit, the costs are justifiable. It is cheaper, compared to a ready to wear garments. Similar services are provided by couture industry, however, the customer pays for a tailored suit at the same time purchasing the glamor of the name o the designer. Bespoke tailoring is moderately priced. In addition, with the increase in prices, many customers realized the convenience of bespoke tailoring. According to Timothy Everest a Savile Row Tailor, women preferred men tailors to haute couture. He further states that bespoke trousers are cheaper in British. (De La Haye, 1997)
Savile Row tailors at Hawkes and Gieves can produce a suit that costs up to £1400. However, there are many small bespoke businesses in the UK that offer affordable prices. In the year 2010, Raymond Andrews, a gent’s bespoke tailor advertised a three piece suit at £400. Contrary a wool jacket from Yves Winter was sold at £3174.
Modern tailoring originated in the nineteenth century. By then men’s tunics had become short and close to the body in a fitting manner. Since then, the tailoring method of making the fabric to fit the body evolved and still in existence to date. Throughout the centuries that followed, skills developed along with the fashion’s demands. Continuously, the current three piece suit has been reworked. Slowly it evolved from tunic in the fourteenth century, to frock coat in the seventeenth century and in mid-nineteenth century classic form. In the nineteenth century bespoke tailoring became famous and maintained the popularity before being taken over by ready-to-wear in the 1950’s. Through several revivals, the world has recognized its richness in heritage and craft. This is evident in the wardrobes of the respectable Victorian male interpretation, to the attractiveness of Edward VIII and stars in Hollywood. Its’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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