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International Strategic Marketing Plan: Dried Fish from UAE to Brazil Executive Summary Product Three levels of Products The company produces dried sea food in the form of salted, smoked, pickled and frozen forms. However, the offerings of the company can be best explained by using the three levels of products…
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International Strategic Marketing Plan: Dried Fish from UAE to Brazil
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Download file to see previous pages One of the major factors that are to be considered while marketing of food related products would be heath. Hence another benefit to be provided by the product along with taste and variations would be health. Another benefit that could be provided by the product could be easy to process. As compared to traditional food products such products can be easily processed with ease within a short period of time. Actual Product The actual product is the tangible part of the product which can be seen and touched by the customers. One of the parts of the actual product could be the small sliced fishes which would save the time of the customers. Also the nature of the product is dry and hence it could take from one place to another with relative ease. A part from these another major factor of the actual product would be packaging. The product should package in an attractive fashion with colours that are attractive yet have an environment friendly image. Green would an ideal colour. A part from this packaging should also be used by the company to provide all the relevant information. Due to the nature of the product the customers may look for information such as processing date, expiry date, ingredients used. All these information should be mentioned in a user friendly manner. A part from this the environment friendliness of the material used in packaging could be conveyed. Augmented Product Augmented Product refers to the additional bundle of benefits offered by the company. One of the best ways to go for augmentation would be through after sales service. But due to the nature of product being discussed there would be very little scope for after sales service. But still the company can take full responsibility of damaged product or poor quality and offer cash back. Also customer service through various mediums can help the company increase customer satisfaction. A part from these, time to time special offers or coupons or loyalty cards can also be a form of augmentation. Vision To facilitate and promote dried food business to the highest level possible with international standards on the international platform to ensure transparent, smooth and long term relations. Mission To develop an efficient supply chain network to ensure satisfaction within channel partners and customers Micro Environment Factors Company Ghazal is a UAE based company which produces dried fishes. It is a 6 year old company and has its operations situated in UAE; Dubai to be more specific. The company supplement locally harvested fish stocks along with quality control program to ensure that the customers get the best quality and value possible. The company understands the value of customized offerings and services and the convenience resulting from flexibility. The company has a divisional organizational structure. Customers Based on customer demographics it can be said that the people belonging to the age group of 24 to 54 would be the target market customer. However, while market segmentation and targeting a bit more thorough approach should be adopted. A part from age another demographic factor be considered would be income. Primarily the people belonging to the middle to high income group should be targeted. In Brazil the income range of the people belonging to the upper middle income group mainly varies from $4,036 to $12,475. Also a part from this the company should be looking to create a niche market segment; such as the main target market segment should ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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