Direct Marketing is an invasion of people's privacy. Discuss this statement - Essay Example

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  Discussion on Direct Marketing Name: Institution:       Discussion on Direct Marketing Direct marketing is a form of publicity that permits non profit organizations and businesses to directly communicate with clients, with marketing methods that comprise outdoor advertising, cell phone text messaging, promotional letters, email, catalogue distribution, interactive consumer websites, fliers, and online display advertisements…
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Direct Marketing is an invasion of peoples privacy. Discuss this statement
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"Direct Marketing is an invasion of people's privacy. Discuss this statement"

Download file to see previous pages Two, direct marketing attempts to promote a specified call to action, for instance, an advertisement may require the customer to either click on a link to a website or calla free telephone number. Three, direct marketing lays emphasis on measurable, traceable reactions from clients without regard for the medium that is utilized (Tapp 2004, p. 9). In addition, direct marketing is utilized by businesses of all magnitudes, from the ones that are in their initial stages to the most developed ones. A correctly planned and implemented direct marketing advertisement may prove definite earnings on investment by indicating how a large number of probable clients reacted to a concise call to action. Standard advertisements avoid call for action in preference of communications that attempt to develop prospects’ emotional engagement or awareness with a product. Even properly developed standard advertisements infrequently can prove their effect on the end result of an organization (Blankenship, Breen & Dutka 1998, p. 72). This paper will discuss the statement direct marketing is an invasion of people’s privacy. ...
Direct mail explains messages conveyed to possible donors or clients through the postal service and different delivery services. Direct mail is distributed to clients on the basis of criteria, for example, buying pattern, age, profession, location, income, among others, for example, it may be in the form of a post card with the heading “Lose extra fat in two weeks”. Bulk mailings are a specifically prevalent technique of promotion for organizations functioning in the travel and tourism sectors, home computer, and financial services (Adcock & Al Halborg 2001, p. 15). Advertisers frequently enhance direct mail activities into targeted mailing, in which mail is distributed using database assessment to choose receivers perceived to be most probable to react in a positive way. For instance, an individual who shows preference for swimming may get direct mail for swimming-associated commodities (Adcock & Al Halborg 2001, p. 15). Using mobile marketing, marketers communicate with potential donors and clients in an interactive way through a mobile network or device, for example, a smartphone or cellphone. Forms of mobile marketing messages include mobile applications, multi-media message service, and a short message service. Market communications are sent through mobile applications, audio, videos, and images, and text messages. Email marketing is also becoming the most largely utilized direct marketing techniques. The popularity of email marketing is because it is relatively affordable to send, test, and design an email messages. Email marketing permits marketers to send messages at all times, and to correctly determine reactions (O'guinn 2008, p. 625). For example, Burger King lately developed a mobile Web site so as attract customers to its restaurants. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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