International Marketing Plan for Hardee's to Enter Australian Fast Food Market - Essay Example

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The business environment of today has become highly challenging in nature. This particular project discusses about designing a complete marketing plan that will help the American fast food chain, Hardee to enter in the markets of Australia…
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International Marketing Plan for Hardees to Enter Australian Fast Food Market
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Download file to see previous pages Because of this enhanced connectivity, consumers all over the world have gained access to a lot of information and this has resulted in the evolution of more demanding consumers. Also, it needs to be highlighted that because of this surge in global connectivity, there has been a tremendous change in the nature of conducting business operations in the various global markets. Spotting the demand coming from the consumers of various diverse geographies, organizations that are located in separate regions and time zones are increasingly considering on the process of significant business expansion. Needless to say, that this new flow of demand from the different geographies have the potential to transform into significant business opportunities for the expanding business organizations in the immediate future. It needs to be mentioned that in this particular case, the popular and growing fast food chain of the American region, the Hardee’s is looking forward to entering the market of Australia for attaining significant business growth while catering to the demand existing for American products in the region. Statement of Marketing Objectives While talking about marketing objectives, it needs to be highlighted that it is a part of the strategic planning process whose main aim and focus is to help the organization to attain a significant growth as well as strong foothold in the targeted market (Fifield, 2007, p. 5.1). The marketing objectives helps in the process of drawing specific marketing oriented goals and targets that needs to be achieved by the organization in the upcoming times. It also helps the organization’s value communication exercises to...
This report stresses that the focus is largely on the issues to connect strengths of the company with the potential opportunities that are arising in the market place. It is significantly relevant to acknowledge that the Australian market of fast food promotes the demand for healthy food products, like salads and juices. Now, while highlighting the strengths of the company, it is of considerable importance to focus on the company’s ability to produce differentiated products. It needs to be further focused that the company is the sole producer of the unique and highly health conscious product Charbroiled Burger. By having this healthy product in the food menu, the American fast food chain will be successful in garnering the attention of the health conscious consumers of the Australian region. Now, it also has to be mentioned that the company’s other significant point of strength is related to the issue of marketing.
This essay makes a conclusion that it can be said that the global marketing plan has been designed for entering the market of Australia. The American fast food chain, Hardees, has the strengths related to differentiated products and strong marketing tactics. On the other hand, the Australian fast food market provides the opportunity related to growth of healthy eating. It can be said that the entire global marketing plan for Hardees has been designed while trying to plot the strengths of the fast food chain with that of the opportunities present in the market of Australia. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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