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Construct a Marketing Plan next step - Essay Example

In this regard, every business should pay attention to its non-financial goals in order to ensure consistency, growth, and development of its business. The three main non-financial goals that Fallen Angel Cafe will strive to accomplish both in the short-term and in the long-run are involvement in community activities, ensuring there is truth and transparency in processes of running the business, and striving to achieve excellence in satisfying customers (Cornwall, Hartman & Vang, 2012). Customer satisfaction will assist Fallen Angel Cafe to attract new customers while at the same time retaining existing ones. Our chief priority will be ensuring that customers get maximum satisfaction from every activity performed for them at the cafe. This makes customers feel that they get the right value for their money. Consequently, they keep returning to the cafe repeatedly for our professional service. This shall be through offering customers quality tea and coffee, within a clean environment that has a cool ambience, and serving them cheerfully- in line with our motto: “Customer is King”. Therefore, just like any other king, our customers will receive royal treatment while at Fallen Angel Cafe. The manner of transacting business should be truthful and transparent to an extent that all stakeholders can easily understand how it operates. This enables customers to gain more trust and confidence in the business, thereby developing brand loyalty. For example, once customers at Fallen Angel Cafe know,

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understand and appreciate the method of preparing our tea and coffee, they will gain trust in our services because they can attest that the processes meet required standards (Cornwall, Hartman & Vang, 2012). Financial Goals A financial goal is an objective set out by the company to ensure it maintains profitability and records healthy balances in its financial statements. These goals are what enable a company to focus on the maximization of sales in order to increase the volumes of goods or services they offer to customers. The three main financial goals of the Fallen Angel Cafe are profit maximization, controlling debts, and reducing operational costs, i.e. the costs of conducting daily business at the cafe. Low cost of production will increase profit margins of the cafe since it will spend only a little amount to procure services that yield great results (Ericsson, 2010). Reduction of expenditures could be through increased efficiency in service delivery, specialization in the art of preparing beverages, thereby taking a shorter time and minimal resources, and motivating employees to volunteer their services to the cafe during peak hours in order to cut on the wage bill. Bad debts can cause a company to go under if not properly controlled. The cafe will offer its services strictly on a cash basis in order to avoid any bad debts from their customers. The above activities, alongside other fundamental accounting and management practices enable the cafe to achieve its third financial goal of maximizing profits. However, the best strategy that the cafe will adopt of maximizing profits is maximization of sales through promotions and special seasonal offers (Ericsson, 2010). Competitive Advantage The competitive advantage of Fallen Angel Cafe is uniqueness through differentiation. New things are always attractive to consumers because they feel it adds a unique value than the already existing similar products. Since this cafe is new, it employs the strategy of


Fallen Angel Cafe Jennifer L Reed Tuesday, June 02, 2015 Instructor LeCain Fallen Angel Cafe Mission Statement The mission statement of Fallen Angel Cafe is to make it the preferred coffee place and teashop for our customers to drink their favorite beverages…
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Construct a Marketing Plan next step
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