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Two founders of Blue Sky Clothing have created a five year marketing plan for their organization in order to secure growth and additional funding. Moreover, the business plan helped to inform their employees about the current situation and direction of the company…
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The Market Plan for Blue Sky Clothing
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Download file to see previous pages The organization is currently depending upon the retailers situated in California, the Northwest, Northern New England, and few states in the southern region (Goodwin, 2009, p.701). Moreover, the organization is concentrating to do corporate social responsibility by doing some contribution to conservation programs. They would like to fund and develop their own environmental events. These specific strategies will outline how the organization is tending to expand the distribution channel, introduce new products, enter in new competitive markets and giving back something to the society. Strategic Focus and Plan The strategic focus and plan includes the mission statement and goal of an organization. It is essential to state an effective mission statement and setting up goals to provide a unique marketing plan. Mission The mission of Blue Sky Clothing would be the leading manufacturer and marketer of customized casual clothing for people (Armstrong and Kotler, 2010, p.177). The organization wants to inspire consumers to engage in outdoor shopping and enjoy with friend and family while doing so. Moreover, they endeavor to design events for healthy natural environment (Cohn, 2006, p.131). Goals Blue Sky Clothing during next five years, seeks to achieve the following non-financial and financial goals. Non-Financial Goals Introduction of new product line, such as lightweight luggage and customized logo clothing. Expand business in Mid-Atlantic and Southwestern States. In order to maintain a healthy relationship with retailer, they need to develop a successful website. In order to purchase an open space in community they need to develop conservation program...
Since three years the company is operating in market place. The organization wants to inspire consumers to engage in outdoor shopping and enjoy with friend and family while doing so. Moreover, they endeavor to design events for healthy natural environment. The organization is currently depending upon the retailers situated in California, the Northwest, Northern New England, and few states in the southern region. Moreover, the organization is concentrating to do corporate social responsibility by doing some contribution to conservation programs. Blue Sky Clothing intends to grow by relying on these competencies with the help of effective marketing efforts. It will increase the distribution outlets and number of products of the company. Strong relationship with suppliers, retailers, distributors and finally the consumers can create a huge brand image of the company in competitive market. Blue Sky Clothing are promoting their products and communicating with their retailers and consumers in various ways. The information of the organization and the products of it are easily available in company websites. Moreover, the organization is trying to increase the brand awareness by doing internet marketing. Increase of distribution channel and brand awareness can provide a huge competitive advantage to Blue Sky in order to operate successfully in market place. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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