Belks and Goffmans Theories of Extended Self - Essay Example

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Belk’s and Goffman’s Theories of Extended Self
The ‘self-concept’ has been of significant attention to consumer behaviour for marketers over a long period of time and has been addressed from various viewpoints utilising various theories. …
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Belks and Goffmans Theories of Extended Self
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Download file to see previous pages Emphasising on this particular issue, the discussion henceforth will be based on analysing self-concept from the perspective of Belk and Goffman. Belk’s Theory of Extended Self Belk’s advancement of extended self has been argued to render an innovative viewpoint regarding the study of self in consumer behaviour. Contextually, the theory of ‘extended self’ has provided a valuable motivation in the acknowledgement of requirement to extend the understanding of consumer behaviour beyond the traditional limitations of individuals as mechanical consumers of goods. According to Belk, possessions reflect the personality of possessor and sequentially these possessions contribute to the individuality (Belk, 1988). Goffman’s Theory of Self As affirmed in his theory of self, Goffman believed that every participant in social interactions is engaged in certain activities in order to avoid being embarrassed or embarrassing others.
Goffman further observed that the connection between the type of activities which people usually conduct in their regular life and theatrical performances determine their identity and behavioural pattern. He believed that when individuals come in communication with other people, they intend to control or direct the impression by shifting their situation (Barnhart, n.d.). Analysis Blog 1: “Migration to Mobile I - How is Consumer Behaviour Changing?” The blog is based on the understanding of consumer behaviour towards purchasing mobile phones. The explanation depicted that in mobile phone market, consumer behaviour is highly impacted by the attributes of ‘extended self’. Mobile phone, as a possession can reflect the personality of possessor which in turn influences the purchasing behaviour of the potential customers. Furthermore, with respect to the Goffman’s theory, the social communication also tends to influence the purchase of products like mobile phones (Strategysmm, 2013). Blog 2: “Consumer Behaviour on Tattoos” The blog deals in learning the behaviour of consumers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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