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Inter-Global Medicare Entrepreneurs - Essay Example

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Inter-Global Medicare Entrepreneurs is a firm that offers medical services which, as popularly known, encompasses the sale of drugs and medical services dispensation. This paper will further describe its business approaches and involved medical service dispensation aspects…
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Inter-Global Medicare Entrepreneurs
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Download file to see previous pages Following this two-tire approach to the industry, the facility’s plan will thus be fragmented to offer effective homage to both the facilities and it hopes to benefit more from strategic location of its premises. In the health care sector, access to quality care together with timely response is important. The event of seeking medical attention is usually necessitated by acute need for urgency. An effectively planned institution offers solution to all these. The firm seeks to build its facility in a highly populated area such as in the residential settlements of a city. This is an idea formed by the understanding that in the health sector, humans form the sole target. Consequently, situating a facility closer to the people makes it easier for them to reach the facility without much hustle. People will always seek medical services no matter how far the facilities may be situated. However, it is also understandable that should the facility be closer to the target market and offer effective and efficient services, then it is likely that the business will receive high demand. Emergency response is another aspect of medical service dispensation that will determine the success of any business venture in the sector. Accidents of varied forms occur in the society on a day-to-day basis; these require quick responses to help save life. Inter Global Medicare understands this quite well and is set to create a wing purposely for accidents and emergencies; this wing will be differ in its structure. It will have wider doors with free standing stretcher to help wheel clients into theatres and treatment rooms. This wing will also be deliberately situated to face the road and be accorded an ample parking lot. Strategy of placement and the design of the wing are important factors in the determination of the wing’s success; easier access and timely response will only be guaranteed if the wing conforms to the building standards of emergency rooms.
The facility will have adequately qualified doctors and nurses whose services will be hired on a contract basis. A contract is more beneficial especially to a new facility such as the one in question. This is specifically so to try to cushion it against the volatilities in its operation. Should it fail to sustain the estimated postulations in its operations, then the business can very comfortably close operations without incurring unnecessary losses. The doctors and nurses hired by the firm will be highly qualified personnel whose services will guarantee the quality standards set by the institution. There are different market segments; there are is a segment is attracted to a product or service based on its prices while there is the average citizen who will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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