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Why There Are Numerous Challenges Experienced by the COSCO Company - Research Paper Example

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From the paper "Why There Are Numerous Challenges Experienced by the COSCO Company" it is clear that COSCO is developing in a high-speed and innovative manner and there is no doubt that service improvements, developed with regards to the needs of the customers, are reliable pillars of the Company…
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Why There Are Numerous Challenges Experienced by the COSCO Company
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Extract of sample "Why There Are Numerous Challenges Experienced by the COSCO Company"

Download file to see previous pages There are a lot of challenges experienced by the COSCO and very often their customers are looking for services from other container-based shipping industry companies. In order to become a competitive rivalry for other shipping companies, COSCO is focused on service strategy improvement. China positions itself as the largest international company, providing with its services 75% of international cargo volume. COSCO in XXI century “will focus on providing differentiated and value-added services to acquire long-term contracts and life-long customers. As alliances and mergers have become a major part of the international shipping industry, we (COSCO) will co-operate closely with our partners. We aim to be a world-class global shipping service provider, in the near future, with high efficiency and high-quality service” (China Cosco Holdings Confident on Recovery in Container Rates, 2010). Therefore, COSCO positions it as the world’s leading shipping industry company, which is able to provide its customer with efficient, high-quality services. The Company contributes much for financial and technological development of the company. Thus, it should be noted that COSCO is concerned about improvements of an infrastructure of the Company, development of strategies, which refer to the modern needs of the international society and the newest tendencies in the shipping industry. Starting from 2002 the country is able to offer to the clients “a comprehensive package of ocean shipping services with fleets covering a wider range from traditional bulk tonnages to more value-added ones such as post-panamax container vessel, heavy-lift ship, LNG carrier and so on” (China COSCO 2010). Value-added services and life-long customers are of great importance for COSCO.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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