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This paper will analyze the sustainability of packaging in relation to manufacture, selling, use, and disposal mechanisms and impacts in relation to environmental and social dimensions. It will emphasize on the use of lifecycle assessment and consequently describe the state of knowledge about the technology’s sustainability.

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Sustainable Packaging
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Download file to see previous pages A sustainable packaging is the designing and use of packaging materials that are more sustainable. In designing a company’s sustainability strategy, packaging comes in handy as a very fundamental factor. The sustainable packaging design aims at increasing the use of life cycle inventory and reducing the environmental impacts. Its main objectives are the maintenance of quality human life, secure habitats for the present and future generation needs. Government regulations, corporate goals, branding, logistical optimization, and consumer expectations determines the design of a sustainable packaging. The Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) and the Sustainable Packaging Alliance (SPA) provides businesses and factories with the best information for making sustainable packaging decisions that commercially an environmentally beneficial.
The sustainable packaging products emanate from materials that are healthy, recyclable, and environmental friendly throughout their lifecycle. The materials may include papers and recyclable plastic products. The manufacturing process of sustainable packaging uses clean production technologies and best practices that minimise environmental pollution. Gas emissions from manufacturing factories may cause air pollution and global warming. Hence, the production of sustainable packaging must consider this hazard in ascertaining a habitable environment. The design of sustainable packaging products aims at optimizing materials and energy use. This ensures cost effectiveness in production. According to Pike Research, the demand for packaging is valued at $429 billion (Pike Research Web). Packaging ahs also employed more than five million people in the world (SPC Web). The employment, security and protection of human life are social aspects that sustainable packaging offers. With the demand expected to rise with relative increase in population and industrial growth, it is very important to use the most sustainable packaging materials. Non-renewable and non-recyclable materials decrease t he level of cohabitation. Air, land, and water pollution are some of the effects of using hazardous packaging products. Hence, manufacturing companies should strive to use eco friendly and life supporting materials in producing the sustainable packaging products should be eco friendly and with an ability to support life. The manufacturing process should conserve raw materials, water, and energy. We can achieve this by shifting from the use of fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy. This would reduce or eliminate toxic emissions, which are harmful to human life and environmental conservation (SPC Web). The products should equally meet the market criteria and guarantee effective performance throughout their life cycles. The process of tendering, acquisition, and production of sustainable packaging should be cost effective to realize targeted comp-any profits. Paper and paper-based packaging dominate the global packaging market. However, according to pike research the use of plastic-based packaging will also grow significantly by the year 2014. Moreover, the demand for sustainable packaging is considerably more than that of general packaging. Better disposal methods ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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