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Derivative Markets - Essay Example

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The researcher of this essay focuses mostly on the analysis of the derivative markets and its issues, such as Hedging, Futures arbitrage, swap contract and covered calls. This essay also briefly discusses the possibilities of marketing in the future…
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Derivative Markets
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"Derivative Markets"

Download file to see previous pages There are several limitations in the price of future contracts and it is ensured by future arbitrage. The existence of price limits help to minimise the instability of prices by defending organizations against market overreaction. However, price limit can also make future contracts less liquid. Future arbitrage makes future contracts more valuable. Arbitrage generates a strong connection among the futures and commercial values (New York University, n.d.). Limit of arbitrage is significant for behavioural descriptions of irregularities and wider revision of asset valuation. Limit of future arbitrage is a portion of finance plan to clarify variances based on investors’ emotional prejudices. Arbitrageurs can face the following price limitations: Fundamental and non-fundamental risks Short-selling costs Leverage and margin constraints Constraints on equity capital Thus, the above statement 2 is true i.e. there are some defined limitations in future arbitrage in pricing future contracts (Gromb & Vayanos, 2010). Statement 3 “A swap contract can create a win/win situation for two swap players plus the financial intermediary arranging the swap” The interest rate swap is a derivative to interchange interest rate for accomplishing lesser borrowing rates. Swap players can change interest rate from static to floating and vice versa. Swapping is beneficial when one player desires to get an amount with a floating interest rate while other player wishes for preventing future risks by getting a static interest rate in its place. In swapping, both players have their own primacies and desires, thus it (swapping) can create win/win situation for them...
This essay states that in recent times, the world has converted into an uncertain place for financial organisations. Fluctuations in interest rates have extended, and stock markets are running through growing unpredictability. As a consequence of these variations, the financial organisations have happened to be more anxious about minimising the risks. As the demand for risk reduction techniques has enlarged, it has generated innovative financial tools named financial derivatives. These tools are very convenient in minimising the risks and help financial organisations to hedge. Hedging is a method which is used by financial organisations to counteract the regular risks of price variations. It is considered as important risk managing instrument for portfolio managers, bank executives and corporate accountants. In any derivative contract, the seller comes to an agreement to provide asset at a particular period in future and purchaser approves to pay fixed value for that asset. One can build a clean arbitrage if the future contract is mispriced. Majority of future contracts are priced according to arbitrage. In derivative contract, organisations need to choose investments which can provide good return with estimated price measures. It is also termed as speculation. Speculation is a procedure used in finance for securing profit from riskier investments, but it does not ensure security on investment or principal amount. Speculators use several approaches to make a decision prior to obtaining additional risks through investment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Derivative Markets Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
“Derivative Markets Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words”, n.d.
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..., equity, commodity or even other existing relevant assets. There have been stated to be numerous forms of derivatives contracts that are being used among which interest rate swaps is considered to be a common form (Hunt & Kennedy, 2004). The market related to derivative securities has been stated to be perceived similar to an insurance market in relation to the considered financial risks. The rapid rate of globalisation in terms of the capital markets has resulted to a significant rise in the level of volatility related to interest rate across the globe. Numerous companies displayed a preference in favour of purchasing insurance in opposition to the...
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Derivative Securities
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...type of an option contract. A call option gives the owner the right to buy an asset at fixed price during a particular time period. Put Option: A put option can be viewed as an opposite of the call option where the holder gets the right to sell the underlying asset for a fixed exercise price. (Ross Westerfield Jaffe) 5.2 Implicit Options of Mortgages: The call and put option contracts are generally known as derivatives contracts. There was a significant development of the derivatives market comprising the option contracts among major financial institutions during the 1990s. This kind of derivatives market was developed primarily to manage the...
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Derivative Instruments, Debt, and Contingencies
...Lawsuits are never an easy ordeal, but often occurred in the corporate environment. It is essential for corporations to properly inform its shareholders and other stakeholders groups of different contingencies that may affect the financial statements of a company. The firm is currently facing several issues that affect the company’s financial statement. The firm must utilize proper accounting rules to deal with the different events that are affecting the company. Along with the potential lawsuit the firm also has to attend the matter of a loan that may be discharged or reduced through a chapter 11 filing. The third issue that the company must deal with is the possibility of patent impairment. This memo will discuss the topics... are never an...
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The organization of financial (debt, equity, foreign exchange, derivative) and commodity markets and their role in international trade and economic performance
...The organization of financial (debt, equity, foreign exchange, derivative) and commodity markets and their role in international trade and economic performance Financial markets and commodity markets play a wide variety of roles in the international economic performance. They are developed in order to serve the three major roles to the individual households, firms and governments such as liquidity, information sharing and risk sharing (Baker and Martin, 2011). Under financial markets, four broader categories highly dominate which are bond, stocks, foreign exchange, and derivative markets. The following discussion briefly describes aforementioned types of financial markets. Bond Market Bonds are the debt instruments issued... such that it...
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Financial Derivative
...Financial derivative: CDS and Bonds The spread of credit default swaps have remained high and extremely volatile since the economic crisis. The CDS movements are seen to have a close impact upon the debt markets (Hull and White, 2003). Theoretically, the spread of the CDS must be equal to the underlying bond market. However, in reality it is observed that the movement in the bond market and that of the CDS are not equal. The inequality is caused due to a number of reasons such as the imperfect match between the two contacts (Cornett and Saunders, 2003). During the financial crisis, the price of CDS had surged while rise in the underlying bond market came...
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