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Marketing Project - Essay Example

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Cardiac Imaging Center is a service sector which will provide ranges of remedial ‘image scanning tests’ in the Chicago city, USA. The Cardiac Imaging Center will provide the services through one of the major hospitals in Chicago, i.e. ‘University of Chicago Medical Center’. …
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Marketing Project
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Download file to see previous pages ‘University of Chicago Medical Center’. In present day, the expenditure on health expenses has increased considerably. Advanced technology has made it much easier to test various health scans through imaging center. The imaging center service is a profitable business as people will become sick and thus there will be demand for the imaging scanning services. The report will describe the market analysis as well as the company analysis of University of Chicago Medical Center and its strengths and weaknesses in the health care industry of Chicago, its competitors and market environment. Further, the report will provide an insight about the marketing plan of the services of Cardiac Imaging Center. The marketing plan comprises of marketing mix and forecasted sales of the Cardiac Imaging Center. Table of Contents 1.0 Abstract/Executive Summary 2 Table of Contents 3 2.0 The Challenge 4 3.0 Situation Analysis 4 3.1 Company Analysis 4 3.2 Customer Analysis 5 3.3 Competitor Analysis 5 3.4 Environmental Analysis 9 3.5 Porter’s Five Forces Model 11 4.0 Market Segmentation 13 5.0 Alternative Marketing Strategy 13 6.0 Selected Marketing Strategy 13 6.1 Product 13 6.2 Price 14 6.3 Distribution/Place 14 6.4 Promotion 15 7.0 Short-Term and Long-Term Projections 15 8.0 Conclusion 17 9.0 References 18 Marketing Project 2.0 The Challenge The challenge of Cardiac Imaging Center of University of Chicago Medical Center is to provide imaging scanning services to the customer with superior quality while maintaining the cost and profitability. The Cardiac Imaging Center will offer solution to various diseases such as heart, lung among others by the experienced doctors and advanced machinery. The University of Chicago Medical Center is already famous for their specialization in Heart, Cancer, Gastroenterology, Diabetes and Neurosurgery. The clients of Cardiac Imaging Center will get advantage from the exceptional teamwork of medical experts. The Cardiac Imaging Center will perform by mutual association of both cardiologists and physicians which will make the cardiac center successful. The Cardiac Imaging Center will implement an incorporated approach for accomplishing the goal to offer accurate test for right person at right moment. Cardiac Imaging Center will provide full range of advanced imaging technologies such as CT scan which is a strong and quick imaging instrument that creates three dimensional pictures of the heart or Cardiac MRI scan which will provide detail picture about the beating of heart (The University of Chicago Medical Center, 2011). 3.0 Situation Analysis 3.1 Company Analysis The University of Chicago Medical Center is known as one of the top hospitals in Chicago city as well as in the USA. With regard to treating diseases such as cancer or diabetes the hospital is listed in the top 50 hospitals. The hospital’s operations are quite transparent and it provides every possible support to the customers regarding any enquiry. According to “The University HealthSystem Consortium” the University of Chicago Medical Center has effectively displayed performance compared to other medicinal services (The University of Chicago Medical Center, 2011). 3.2 Customer Analysis The facilities of ‘Cardiac Imaging Center’ will target the major insurance agents of insurance companies, famous doctors or physicians and various clinics of Chicago city as they can influence and motivate the patients or customers to use the ‘University of Chicago Medical Center’ for scanning and imaging purposes. The value driver of University of Chicago Medical Center will be to acquire customers through physicians, doctors and insurance agents. The patients will surely go to the imaging center according to their preference. 3.3 Competitor Analysis ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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