Cayce Pollard and the significance of logos and advertizing in pattern recognition - Essay Example

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Identifying images, logos and advertisements is significant because it is able to communicate with others. To communicate effectively, there is the need to use patterns, such as repetition, as well as aesthetics that define a specific message, such as through colors and shapes. …
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Cayce Pollard and the significance of logos and advertizing in pattern recognition
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"Cayce Pollard and the significance of logos and advertizing in pattern recognition"

Download file to see previous pages In the book, “Pattern Recognition,” by William Gibson, there is a direct reference to aesthetics and how these link to logos and advertising. This is defined by the perspective of Cayce Pollard and her ability to recognize the meanings that are surrounding the various logos and ads. Identifying the advertising and logos and seeing how this relates to communicating different ideas is important not only in the identity of Cayce Pollard and in the ideologies behind trends. The logos become significant with the ability to show how the perspectives which Cayce holds also influence the basic functions and patterns in society and what is expected from various individuals.
The Story of Cayce Pollard as a Cool Hunter
The characteristics of Cayce are one which is able to point out and define logos, colors, trends and fashions from the aesthetic viewpoint. Cayce is important in the book because of these recognitions and the ability to take the regular images, logos and trends and allows them to stand out. This concept is one which can be defined as a cool hunter, meaning that the character has the capability of finding trends through images and knowing what works and what only becomes segmented into the pattern. The pattern is defined as an image that states the same message or level of communication through the color, shapes and other ideas that are represented. In Cayce’s understanding, there are very few logos that stand out, which is what causes them to become patterns. For instance, when looking at a variety of fragrances, Cayce is given the special slant of needing to find something that stands out while noticing that all follow repetition in the communication and message that is used. “Zaprudered into surreal dimensions of purest speculation, ghost narratives have emerged and taken on shadowy but determined lives of their own, but Cayce is familiar with them all, and steers clear” (Gibson, 24). This example shows how Cayce recognizes the patterns of logos, advertisements and the sameness that each brings, while trying to find something which stands out from the usual aesthetic repetition. The approach which Cayce takes begins with finding the denotational meaning, or symbolism. The symbolism is based on finding the colors of various objects, all which are used to describe and signify something about an individual, trend or logo. This is combined with the belief that each item which one has tries to say something or several things to create meaning. This is noted from the beginning when Cayce introduces her fashion as well as other comparisons and how this relates to patterns of how one thinks and acts. “Dorotea may have attempted to out – minimalize her this morning, Cayce decides. If so, it hasn’t worked. Dorotea’s black dress, for all is apparent simplicity, is still trying to say several things at once, probably in at least three languages” (Gibson, 10). The symbolism which is seen from the viewpoint of Cayce includes color for simplicity, making statements with styles and trends and using this to convey a specific message in different languages. The denotational meanings Cayce finds leads to her being a cool hunter, meaning that she can find something that stands out from regular patterns. She has the natural ability to see trends and ideas that continue to make specific statements about an individual or company. The second way in which Cayce creates meaning and becomes a cool hunter is by looking at the connotative meaning. This is done by looking the words, ideas or the significance behind different concepts or objects. Cayce believes that this is able to show more than the basic and superficial ideologies, but moves into deeper levels of the object. For instance, wh ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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