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This research aims to evaluate and present marketing management in charitable organizations. In particular, the researcher will focus on Greenpeace organization. Greenpeace UK is anon-governmental and not-for-profit organization that has branches all over the world…
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Marketing Management: Greenpeace
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Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that there is a myriad of voluntary non-profit organizations (VNOPs) in the UK. Just like in the normal business environment, the organizations have the need to distinguish themselves in the ever competitive world. They therefore adopt different positioning strategies that are unique to their specific conditions and that best exemplify what they stand for. There is limited literature that comprehensively examines the different strategies adopted. However, in examining individual charities, one can uncover elaborate efforts that are aimed at positioning a charity in a particular environment. Charities also do market themselves using planned tactics, elaborate management and positioning techniques. In order to determine how best to market a given charity, a number of factors are considered. Most are pegged on the external environmental forces, the mission that the charity chooses, the resources at the disposal of the charity, increased competition from similar and different charities and the needs of the particular stakeholders including the people who are considered as the most dominant contributors to the charity’s cause. Most of the stakeholders are oblivious of the need for charity marketing and thus managers are challenged to be continuously in sync with their needs and review the strategy regularly to ensure that they are not alienated. Introduction The last decade has seen a change in the operation of the voluntary sector in the UK. The sector is largely affected by the prevailing market forces like recessions much like in the general global economy. Thus, the structural landscape has inevitably changed and more efforts aimed at strategic positioning have been adopted. The external environment has been a major driving force in the shape and nature of the VNOPs in the UK today. The National Council for Voluntary Organizations (NCVO) has reported that the short and long term futures of the charities in the country will continue to be influenced by social, economic and political factors that regulate them (Chew 2005, p. 3). The government adopted the policy of partnering and contracting public service delivery systems which has been a major driver of change in the actions of charities. This action alone has stimulated the need for better means of attracting, allocating and managing resources so as to have a competitive advantage over other charities and also to better further the individual causes while combating the ever increasing challenges. Those VNOPs that are involved in the provision of services to the public via the normal service delivery systems have found themselves with the need to regularly analyze and improve their strategic positioning. Greenpeace UK is anon-governmental and not-for-profit organization that has branches all over the world. The organization does charity work that is entirely based on the environment. The world today is full of environmental challenges. There are many charities that are involved in sensitizing people on the need for preservation as well as conservation of the environment to ensure that future generations do not have any challenges that may be deemed as arising from the mistakes of the current generations. Greenpeace ensures that the public is informed on the importance of conserving the environment for the good of the current as well as future generations. The charity is involved in putting a stop to climate change that is being manifested as global warming, defend the oceans from exploitation including ensuring that the water levels remain constant to prevent flooding in coastal regions as a result of the melting of polar ice caps, protecting the forests from depletion by sensitizing people on their importance in their everyday lives, discovering other sources of renewable energy with an aim of reducing over reliance on oil, elimination of toxic substances that may harm the eco systems including man, flora and fauna, making sure that peace is prevalent throughout the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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