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This essay discusses that communication objectives are the factors which support the organization to move from the present position to a new and improved position. The objective of marketing communication should be SMART, i.e. ‘Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time specific’…
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Marketing Communication and Branding
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Download file to see previous pages This essay demonstrates that advertisement poster is one of the most effective elements of integrated marketing communication. Keeping the objectives of the marketing communication for Travel worth in mind, certain posters can be prepared to use in the campaign planned by the company. The posters for the company would include an attractive message to catch the eyes of the viewer, which would help the company to get customers. The main objective of Travel worth is to obtain travelers for their adventure tours and in order to achieve it; the posters should contain certain facts about the adventure world and certain images related to fun in the tours. The tagline for the posters can be ‘Payless, Have more, Do more’, which would represent that the cost of the tour would be less, fun and adventure would be more. There should be certain schemes on the poster to attract the customers such as, ‘Be the first one to avail the discounts on the Tour, and be the last one to avail the discounts on the Fun’. These lines would also attract the adventure lovers to avail the schemes offered by Travel worth. The poster should preferably be bright in colors such as yellow or red, which would easily catch the eyes of the customers. The poster should contain certain images of the previous tours arranged by the company and the experiences that the travelers had. All these factors would make the poster meaningful as well as effective for the company to attract the customers and grab their interests for the products offered by the particular company....
In relation to the mentioned objectives in question number one, it can be stated that the model would help to identify the situation, the crisis in the market, and it would also help to plan a campaign to attract new or existing customers. The model would help to take different strategies. To spread awareness about company and its existing Tour programs, the campaign will be effectively used as a strategic objective. In order to create a different image of the organization and to attract the consumers, a tactical approach will be taken by providing various schemes and discounts. In relation to existing situation of economic downturn the company can take a decision to propose certain discounts or sale to their customer, which would help them to acquire new travel lovers. In keeping with the strategic viewpoint, up gradation in the better news paper or in other media for advertisement of the company would be made and which would be implemented through the actions. Travelworth would get ample scope to maintain the sustainability with the help of IMC and SOSTAC model. In the period of downturn in the European economy the companies are basically fighting for the sustainability in the market, and to save the existing customers and the brand name. SOSTAC model would help Travelworth to be stable in the market and to gain new customers and revenue2. Question 3 Q.3. Advertisement poster is one of the most effective elements of integrated marketing communication. Keeping the objectives of the marketing communication for Travelworth in mind, certain posters can be prepared to use in the campaign planned by the company. The posters for the company would include an attractive message to catch the eyes of the viewer, which would help the company to get ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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