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The Role of Strategic Planning in Crisis Management in the Organizations of Civil Society - Thesis Proposal Example

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"The Role of Strategic Planning in Crisis Management in the Organizations of Civil Society" paper examines this role with specific characteristics, i.e. the organizations of civil society. Emphasis is given to strategic planning as a process that can be related to these organizations. …
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The Role of Strategic Planning in Crisis Management in the Organizations of Civil Society
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Extract of sample "The Role of Strategic Planning in Crisis Management in the Organizations of Civil Society"

Download file to see previous pages The objectives of this thesis could be described as follows: a) to show that strategic planning can be valuable in organizations of civil society, b) to show how strategic planning can be used in crisis management and c) to make clear that crisis management in organizations of civil society can be effective only if a specific process, i.e. strategic planning is employed.

For achieving the objectives described above the following research questions need to be answered: a) which is the role of strategic planning in organizations of civil society, b) which are the most common forms of strategic planning in these organizations, c) is strategic planning able to support crisis management in general? If yes, would this role of strategic planning also be feasible in the context of organizations of civil society? d) What are the characteristics of the organizations of civil society and how they are differentiated from common organizations? e) how crisis management is usually supported? f) is the use of strategic planning in crisis management common or such practice would be involved only in organizations of civil society?

The relationship between strategic planning and crisis management is rather complex. Through this study, I will have the chance to explore all aspects of the above relationship in regard to a particular context: in the context of organizations of civil society. I would be sure that I have achieved the specific target in the following case: if all research questions will be fully answered and if the objectives of the study are met. Under these terms I would have increased my knowledge on two critical processes: strategic planning and crisis management at the level that both these processes are used for resolving important organizational problems, not only at a strategic level but also at operational level of modern organizations. At this point, reference should be made to the following fact: so far I had the chance to study the use of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Role of Strategic Planning in Crisis Management in the Organizatio Thesis Proposal, n.d.)
The Role of Strategic Planning in Crisis Management in the Organizatio Thesis Proposal.
(The Role of Strategic Planning in Crisis Management in the Organizatio Thesis Proposal)
The Role of Strategic Planning in Crisis Management in the Organizatio Thesis Proposal.
“The Role of Strategic Planning in Crisis Management in the Organizatio Thesis Proposal”.
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