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A Framework for Critiquing Quantitative Research Papers - Assignment Example

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This assignment "A Framework for Critiquing Quantitative Research Papers" describes the attitudes of nurses and nursing students towards working with older people. The author takes into account the different methods and strategies for this issue. From this work, it is clear how to work with people and literature in order to investigate this problem…
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A Framework for Critiquing Quantitative Research Papers
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Extract of sample "A Framework for Critiquing Quantitative Research Papers"

Download file to see previous pages Relevant information of methods used from the Multifactorial Attitudes Questionnaire, Kruskal- Wallis test to ordinal regression have been elaborated.  The results, conclusions, and recommendations are clarified in the research work. Potential benefit is that it makes participants recognize that old need to be given care and inspire attitude change. The harm is that the participants may demand more from their employees relating to the topic. Approval of the Ethics Committee is noted. The findings are categorically explained. The themes include ageism, resources, professional esteem, and working environment. The findings have been explained under each sub-heading. The data have been presented with regard to each question and how participants answered them by agreeing or not. The data only needed the respondents to agree or not. The questions were structured and gave answer options. The researchers only presented the findings from the study and compare it with results from other researchers. The paper makes references to a number of previous research works. The paper gives suggestions for dealing with the attitude related problems towards the old people. A number of analysis tests are carried out on the data hence authenticating the results. The weakness is that the pilot study was not conducted before the actual study and the researchers do not give their independent viewpoint on the research work. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(A Framework for Critiquing Quantitative Research Papers Assignment, n.d.)
A Framework for Critiquing Quantitative Research Papers Assignment.
(A Framework for Critiquing Quantitative Research Papers Assignment)
A Framework for Critiquing Quantitative Research Papers Assignment.
“A Framework for Critiquing Quantitative Research Papers Assignment”.
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