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Quantitative Critique: Effects on Sexual Risk Behavior and STD Rate of Brief HIV/STD Prevention Interventions for African American Women in Primary Care Settings Date Abstract The essay aims to address a two-fold objective to wit: (1) to critique the quantitative study entitled “Effects on Sexual Risk Behavior and STD Rate of Brief HIV/STD Prevention Interventions for African American Women in Primary Care Settings;” and (2) to integrate the critique process in the paper…
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Quantitative Critique Nursing Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Jemmott is with the school of nursing in the University of Pennsylvania and was the lead author in overall aspects of the study including the intervention procedures and training of facilitators. John B. Jemmott III is with the University of Pennsylvania as well but under Annenberg School for Communication. J. B. Jemmott III assisted in aspects of the study concerning design, measures, and data analysis. Meanwhile, Ann O’Leary is with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta Georgia and also assisted in the development of intervention procedures and measures and the application of social cognitive theory(Jemmott, Jemmott & O'Leary, 2007, 1040). The authors’ qualifications and preparations were brief, specific, and clearly stated. It was brief because only needed information such as educational qualification is identified. Also, the authors’ preparation were not elaborated and focused only on their distinct role in research. The descriptions of authors’ were specific as the university to where they belong was also clearly stated. The authors’ qualifications and preparations do not determine the validity and reliability of the study(Hoskins & Mariano, C., 2004, 72) but their background information is relevant to the readers as it will determine sufficiency and relevance of information presented. Title and Statement of the Purpose and Problem Background The title of the study is “Effects on Sexual Risk Behavior and STD Rate of Brief HIV/STD Prevention Interventions for African American Women in Primary Care Settings.” According to Loiselle, McGrath, Polit & Beck(2010), clarity, research problem visibility, and study population must be considered in critiquing the title of the study (p. 359). The study title presented above is clear and specific as it does not only focused on general behavior but to the specific sexual risk behavior and STD rate of brief HIV/STD prevention interventions. The title itself also suggests the research problem which is measuring the effects of behavioral interventions. It was also clearly noted in the title that African women in the primary care settings would be the target population for the study. The purpose of the study must be clearly stated and consistent with the background study presented (Brockopp & Tolsma, 2003, 407). The purpose of the study was clearly stated and was designed to test the efficacy of brief HIV/sexually transmitted disease (STD) risk-reduction interventions among African women in primary care settings. The study was in congruence with the background data as the background itself entails the alarming statistics of STD/HIV occurrences among African women in primary care settings and the interventions or measures addressed by the health care provider to reduce the risk of disease-occurrence. Literature Review and Conceptual Framework If one would have look for the subparts literature review and theoretical framework, one may not able to see it directly in the study as literature reviews are integrated in various parts of the study, particularly in the background of the study. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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