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The Use of the Police and Dealing With Problems in the Community - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes community safety that has a tendency to be limited to a small area, to have a wide focus on social issues outside mere crime and disorder and to be conveyed through partnership. Multi-agency relations refer to agencies coalescing with regard to a specific issue…
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The Use of the Police and Dealing With Problems in the Community
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Extract of sample "The Use of the Police and Dealing With Problems in the Community"

Download file to see previous pages There is the issue of inter-organisational disagreement. It may occur over interests, objectives, principles and, regardless of the planning procedure specified by the 1998 Act, priorities. It is also likely that disagreements over priorities and objectives may be worsened by several attributes of managerialism presently governing a large part of the public service sector. The dilemma with New Public Management is that it could promote an intra-organisational emphasis instead of creating processes for the supervision of inter-organisational systems. Moreover, there is the problem of unbalanced power distribution between the partners. This could be revealed in legal powers, access to knowledge and information, and human and material resources. In addition, there is the issue of unclear distinctions between the responsibilities of partners with a potential loss of independence. And ultimately, there is the risk of uncertainty over accountability and responsibility. Specifically, responsibility could become disjointed and hence accountability vague. This could be especially severe with regard to the core objective of this activity, namely, alleviation in the prevalence of crime and disorder. The 1998 Act gives much importance to partnership working and community consultation. It would seem that one of the suggestions of the Act is that the role of the police should be the core of public discourse and scrutiny, thereby modifying the basic role of the police. What appears apparent is that the public policy will generally be shoved towards ‘community policing’. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Use of the Police and Dealing With Problems in the Community Research Paper - 1)
The Use of the Police and Dealing With Problems in the Community Research Paper - 1.
“The Use of the Police and Dealing With Problems in the Community Research Paper - 1”, n.d.
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